How a serial entrepreneur is helping India’s underbanked villages with tech

Satyajeet Limaye, CSO at Bankit, started his journey at a Pune-based manufacturing company. Today, he is strategising digital financial services for rural and semi-urban India.

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Techie and serial entrepreneur Satyajeet Limaye believes that imagination is more important than knowledge when it comes to technology, as imagination helps technology become incidental to building an organisation.

Having started his career at a Pune-based manufacturing company, he soon turned to entrepreneurship with Info Dynamic Software Systems (IDSSPL), a software products and projects company aimed at EDI, electronic government compliance's solutions.

In the early 2000s, he got fascinated by mobiles, which were a fairly nascent technology back then.

“I believe that the mobile is going to be in everybody's hand — professionals, students, or domestic workers,” he says.

With this thought and with experience of over two decades, he started building technology backend fintech company BANKIT by travelling around villages to see how transactions took place.

Today, he is the Chief Strategy Officer at the Noida-based BANKIT, where he innovates for the underbanked and unbanked using new technologies, design thinking, and more. Satyajeet claims that 70 percent of the startup’s business comes from its mobile app today.

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“The idea behind starting BANKIT was to empower the unbanked and underserved segments of the country by providing safe, secure and convenient banking, finance, and payment solutions.”

Amit Nigam, COO, Executive Director and Co-founder, BANKIT

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