Meet entrepreneur-investor Ryan Hoover only at TechSparks 2021

Founder and CEO of Product Hunt, Ryan Hoover will join YourStory at our flagship startup-tech event, TechSparks 2021, for a conversation around the direction tech is taking, the ‘next best thing’ in tech, and what’s caught his imagination these days.

Good Morning,

Ryan Hoover is a revered name in the startup and product-tech communities across the globe. 

As someone who built one of the most popular product discovery and community engagement platforms — Product Hunt — for startups, entrepreneurs, product enthusiasts, and geeks to discover the “next big things” in tech, he commands a special place in the startup ecosystem as the evangelist of a future where tech and human life are inseparable.

Ryan started Product Hunt as an experiment when he was just 25

Today, his revolutionary platform, which he sold to Naval Ravikant who co-founded AngelList in 2016, has helped consumers discover over 100 million products and launched at least 100,000 new ones.

Curiosity and experimentation have been the driving force for Ryan. 

Sit down for a cup of coffee with the founder, or scroll through his Twitter, and it’s abundantly clear he has a knack for startups, technology, new products, and experiences. 

His motto for success is simple — Be curious, experiment, and don’t overthink!

Catch his fireside at TechSparks 2021, India’s largest startup-tech conference, between October 25 and  October 30, 2021.

For this, and a line-up of action-packed sessions, check out the TechSparks 2021 calendar.

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News & Updates

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Gaurav Munjal

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