Femtech startup Sirona sees uptick in online sales

In a conversation with YourStory’s Daily Dispatch, Sirona’s CEO and Co-Founder, Deep Bajaj unpacks the brand’s journey and the stigma around women’s hygiene products.

Tuesday November 23, 2021,

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Homegrown femtech startup Sirona is seeing 100 percent year on year growth and is aiming to clock in Rs 100 crore revenue in FY23. The startup, which is on a quest to open the dialogue about intimate hygiene issues, develops products that address women’s personal hygiene concerns. 

The drivers for this growth, according to Deep Bajaj, CEO and Co-Founder, Sirona, are the customers and the advancement of technology across segments. The evolving availability of content and expert opinions, he adds, has also contributed significantly to Sirona’s growth. 

New Delhi-based Sirona’s products are geared towards improving quality of life of women. 

“At Sirona we stand at solving and addressing intimate menstrual hygiene issues faced by women which become a taboo topic. But, with the advancement in technology, logistics, in the way we are able to reach our customers one on one, I think the uptick has been more than rewarding,” says Deep.

While health-related concerns affect most Indians, modern women also struggle with lifestyle challenges due to extended work hours. 

“To find products that address their concern, women in India mostly resort to information and products available online. Incidentally, Sirona’s online sphere has been working better than its offline counterparts. Women want to read about the products before they buy them,” explains Deep. 

“As of today, it is online that is doing better once again because of the nature of products that we have,” he adds. 

While Sirona’s online business is doing well, the brand expects to focus on offline stores to compensate for the ‘touch and feel’ possibility with the product. According to Deep, women can read about the product online and then go ahead to buy it in the store. 

Leading categories on Sirona are toilet and menstrual hygiene. These also happen to be the first categories introduced by the brand. Sirona’s products include feminine pain relief patches, sanitary pads disposal bags, anti-chafing rash kits, menstrual cups, PeeBuddy, among others. 

“We have made a list of issues that women are facing right from puberty to menopause,” explains Deep. In the coming months, all products that they have in the pipeline will be centred around their goal to offer innovative solutions for women’s hygiene. 

Although femtech startups are in nascent stage, the segment has garnered significant investor interest. Sirona recently raised $3 million in its Series A funding led by NB Ventures and IAN Fund. The brand says it is not in need of capital but is in talks with various VCs and has hinted at an announcement soon. 

Edited by Affirunisa Kankudti

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