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Entrepreneurship is not a straight line with a 20-degree slope, it is a sinusoidal curve. So, build emotional and mental resilience. - Phalgun Kompalli, upGrad

Being a founder of a young startup, it is impossible to switch off completely. - Ansul Goenka, QuickShift

When founder differences cannot be reconciled because of a false sense of ego and the conflicts begin to spill into the open, it is fatal not just for the company culture but even to the survival of the company. - TN Hari, ‘From Pony To Unicorn’

There are multiple small homepreneurs involved in various activities like cooking, knitting, painting etc., but they do not have the wherewithal to run the business all by themselves, or do not have the business acumen. - Sakshi Aggarwal, Gharobaar

Failure is parallel to creation in an artist's life. In reality, an artist never fails. - Sujata Sejekan, 'Femme' exhibition

If you can support others and make a change in society, that is success in the life of an artist. - Chandan Singh, Team Yuva Artists Collective

With empathy to the concerns around, a certain kind of activism comes about. - Smitha Cariappa, Adipaaya exhibition

If you love what you are doing, you will be successful. Success is continued growth, it means continually expanding ideas. - Pratibha Hooli, Team Yuva Artists Collective

The magic of the dish is in the experimentation and not in achieving some standard of perfection! - Ishaan Kapoor, Madam Curry

On a global scale, university campuses are anticipated to act as an experimental paradigm for sustainability. - Air Commodore Kamal Singh (Retired) AVSM

The environment has found a new guardian in the younger generation. - Manav Subodh, 1M1B

Although the commercialisation of hemp is a while away, the growing public support for the plant's legalisation is encouraging. - Delzaad Deolaliwala, Bombay Hemp Company

Every young girl should take up sports to be more self-confident, healthy, and self-reliant. - Rupa Bayor, Taekwondo champion

The biggest win comes when you change something from being a “push” to a “pull”. - Jessie Paul, ‘Marketing without Money’

Brands that originate within the ethos of transparency and constant innovation towards efficacy and sustainability hold great value. - Anchit Nayar, Nykaa

Experience is a big part of education which is a four-step process of knowing, performing, practising, and reflecting. - Rajesh Panda, Corporate Gurukul

The complexity in money when it comes to business lies in the controls and compliances. - Deepti Sanghi, Kodo

MSMEs are still in the [pandemic] recovery phase and look forward to continuous handholding by the government. - Pradeep Multani, PHDCCI

If you’re motivated by greed and money and fame, I think you’ll fail. - Alan Mamedi, Truecaller

Embrace change, look at challenges as opportunities, and make yourself a part of the ecosystem and community. - Lilly Vasanthini, Infosys

When you set out to tackle tabooed issues, there is tremendous amounts of unlearning that you need to do before you can re-learn the very fundamentals free of any bias or prejudice. - Aastha Vohra, Manzuri

You can be good at your work, but if you don’t have the right attitude you end up messing up with the culture. - Sabari Girish Parampoor, Coll Poll

If you trust your people and empower them to do what is best in every given situation — you don’t need to be a constant presence around them. - Ravi Bhushan, BrightCHAMPS

Being powerful is having the ability to empower others. The more you empower others, the more powerful you actually are. - Arundhati Bhattacharya, Salesforce

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