‘If you’re on a purpose, the world will come to support you’ – 20 quotes of the week on leaders and entrepreneurs

From profit to purpose, witness the memorable journey of entrepreneurs and leaders in these quotes, excerpts, and stories.

‘If you’re on a purpose, the world will come to support you’ – 20 quotes of the week on leaders and entrepreneurs

Tuesday June 07, 2022,

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Launched in 2014, StoryBites is a weekly feature from YourStory, featuring notable quotable quotes in our articles of this past week (see the previous edition here). Share these 20 gems and insights from the week of May 30 – June 5 with your colleagues and networks, and check back to the original articles for more insights.

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The market is now rewarding profitable growth over growth at all costs. - Sai Srinivas and Shubham Malhotra, Mobile Premier League

There could be funding lulls, but startup formations are not based on that. Companies will still be forming, and with good founders. - Vinay Bansal, Inflection Point Venture

Valuations have become more realistic with rationalisation hitting the market; only those growth-stage startups with solid business fundamentals can now establish trust with VCs. - Vivek Sunder, Cuemath

The ecosystem was excited until last December, but now the mood has changed. - Parag Dhol, Athera Venture Partners

Do not disparage the competition or talk disparagingly about any of your competitors. - Akshay Hedge, ShakeDeal


Restoring ecosystems will ensure that nature continues to do what it does best… support life and allow it to thrive. - Rushikesh Chavan, The Habitats Trust

The Biomimicry approach has helped industries and businesses build innovations that are not only sustainable but also profitable while mitigating risk and reducing costs. - Prashant Dhawan, Biomimicry India

The planet is dying and there are solutions, but there is no implementation. So, if people can work towards implementation, that would be wonderful. - Sneha Shahi, YRE

Detoxification is key to optimal health, but the main thing to consider is avoiding extremes for long periods of time. - Deepa Kannan, PFNR

Proper detection of health problems is the very first step in curing the ailment. - Partha Pratim, EzeRx

While traditional diagnostic labs need patients to come to them at collection centres, most home collection diagnostic companies haven’t been able to reliably provide services in a timely manner. - Dhruv Gupta, Orange Health


How you build a product is very different from how a customer will use it. - Divya Sharma, Atlassian

Be sure to move quickly between prototypes to avoid getting too emotionally attached to it. - Nathan Baird, 'Innovator's Playbook'

The technologies being developed for use in space have the potential to offer many opportunities for the chemical industry. - Markus Solibieda, BASF Venture Capital

Talent knows no boundaries and can be found across all regions. - Ajay Singh, Pure Storage


A good pitch is a combination of brevity and clarity. - Abhilash Sethi, Omnivore

The perfect pitch deck provides a significant vision of the company, validates it with data, and is clear in its ask. - Sailesh Ramakrishnan, Rocketship.vc

Your pitch is your first chance to make an impression… It should deliver your authentic story. - Sonam Srivastava, Wright Research

It is very important to bring your true and entire self to the workplace, irrespective of whether you are working in a big organisation or setting up your own business. - Charlotte Keenan, Goldman Sachs 10KW

Upskilling and re-skilling of women and their participation in training initiatives will indeed open up a plethora of opportunities to help them move towards more technical and higher positions. - Nipun Anand, Zeal Global Corp


Insight is our inspiration for innovation, a penetrating truth that unlocks opportunity and inspires action. - Steven Melford

In the end, if you are selling a brand, it should be something you should be proud of telling the world. - Puru Gupta, True Elements

If you’re on a purpose, the world will come to support you. - John Kuruvilla, BrigadeREAP

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