‘Your only advantage is to learn faster than the rest’ – 20 quotes of the week on leaders and entrepreneurs

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You can only have an impact when the price or value proposition is attractive and customers are willing to buy. - Jakub Miler, EIT InnoEnergy Central Europe

Subscription is the future of nutraceutical brands. - Lavanya Sunkari, Laurik

The deal should benefit both sides of the story. It cannot be a cannibalistic partnership that favours one party strongly. - Ankit Mehrotra, Dineout

An attempt to directly build a complex system is almost inevitably doomed to failure. - Ashwin Srinivasan, Atlassian

At early-stage, founders need a believer rather than an investor and remove a lot of fundraising headaches. - Vishwanath V, 8i Ventures

Accelerators need to be evangelists and advocates of entrepreneurial success stories. - Poornima Shenoy and Supriya Panchangam, 'Accelerating Her Business'

There is definitely a correction happening in the startup ecosystem and the cuts will be deep. - Varun Malhotra, Quona Capital

You will see less funding in new companies, particularly Series C or D level startups, even if they are performing well. This has percolated down and set in a chain reaction in the investment community. - Raghunandan G, Zolve

Supposedly founder-friendly investors, many of whom have only ever seen a bull market, are now having their first truly difficult conversations with CEOs. - Lightspeed India

Of course, there is a change in the funding sentiment but that shouldn’t affect growth-stage startups that have low burn models. - Sourjyendu Medda, Dealshare

This is a test for all of us. We must learn to work under constraint. - Gaurav Munjal, Unacademy

By making empathy-led decisions, women build an empire where people work with a common goal to acquire business growth. - Nitisha Agarwal, Digidarts

It’s important to identify the right balance at that particular time in your life, since your work and family equations are ever-changing. - Asha Poulose, GE Healthcare

A woman empowered means a family empowered. - Nidhi Bhasin, NASSCOM Foundation

I think millions of girls have studied about periods at the right time without comic books. And when they grow up, they pass on the learning and experience to younger girls. - Aditi Gupta, Menstrupedia

Today, every second person knows about climate change. - Monisha Narke, RUR GreenLife

If you don’t give up, life does give you a way out. - Vinay Singhal, STAGE

You don’t lose anything when you take the step; you lose it when you don’t. - Lavanya Nalli, Nalli Silk Sarees

Learn as much skill as possible, no matter what. There is no shortcut to success. - Anupama PG, Chitra Santhe 2022

Make time for learning because in this world, your only advantage is to learn faster than the rest. - Jowita Michalska, Digital University

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