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How Pristyn Care’s fit-tech brand beatXP is leveraging technology to create a connected fitness ecosystem

Set up in late 2021, Gurugram-based beatXP offers affordable preventive healthcare and fitness products. The brand has grown 15x in revenue since its inception in just six months.

How Pristyn Care’s fit-tech brand beatXP is leveraging technology to create a connected fitness ecosystem

Tuesday June 21, 2022 , 3 min Read

As the fitness equation changed from 'fitness at the gym' to 'fitness everywhere' during the pandemic, consumer buying behaviour also shifted towards the need for spending more on products and services that promote overall wellness. Pristyn Care's end-to-end healthcare services are built on a unique business model to solve the biggest pain point of the patients - care during secondary surgeries (piles, kidney stone, hernia, cataract), recovery journey, and finances (filing for health insurance is the biggest hassle).

Gurgaon-based beatXP, a D2C fitness-technology (fit-tech) brand launched last year by Pristyn Care, delivers high-quality fitness technology products. beatXP has spent months building in-house capabilities to develop a connected healthtech focused ecosystem for consumers. The core team is led by Ashish Dhuwan and Aziz Alam and they aim to integrate technology into everyday fitness routines.

beatXP saw a huge demand for wellness products during and post-pandemic through its social media handles - getbeatxp (Instagram), website, and e-commerce channels. People are actively interested in products that contribute to their recovery and improve day-to-day living. A new concept altogether, body massagers is one of the highest-selling categories for the brand.

The best-selling product

With over 15 innovative products, beatXP's advanced fit-tech body massagers are top-selling in this category. All the products have unique functionality for individual body parts. The top-selling product of the brand, Massage Guns, also known as percussion massagers, is designed to combat muscle soreness and aid recovery without the expense or hassle of a visit to a massage therapist.

While they are designed to be used by everyone, they are most popular among regular gym-goers and athletes; massage guns are definitely worth the investment for someone who experiences a lot of muscle soreness. beatXP's Bolt Massage Gun is priced at INR 4,999 (MRP) and comes with a 3000 RPM power-packed silent motor. It is India's lightest massage gun weighing 600gm with 4000 mAh battery with a backup of up to four hours of charge. The silent massage treatment <45 dB noise with QuietWave Technology makes sure that no one around gets disturbed.

The way forward

beatXP is now a Rs 100-crore business and its revenue has grown 15 fold since its inception. A dedicated team of 50+ employees are committed to building the fastest-growing fit-tech brand. The brand’s vision is to build India's top fit-tech-focused brand and make 10 million+ people healthier with the help of its products in the near future.

Its products – massage guns, gym accessories – help achieve the desired results and promote healthy living across different age groups. The company has upcoming plans to introduce products in the treadmill category whereas it is already leading sales in Air Bikes, Body Analyser (weighing scale, BMI monitors).