‘Age is not the accurate indicator of what you can do ahead’ – 15 quotes on motivation and change

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‘Age is not the accurate indicator of what you can do ahead’ – 15 quotes on motivation and change

Friday September 02, 2022,

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Do not be afraid to pursue what your heart thinks is right. - Roshni Aslam, GoSats

 It doesn't matter if the glass is half-empty or half-full, all that matters is that you're the one pouring. - Mark Cuban

[Archery] is a sport and no one person can win every single time or perform the same always. - Deepika Kumari


Previously, people associated mental health as only something wrong with the brain, they never looked that mental health is both mind and body. - Ana Chandy, Anna Chandy and Associates

The word mental health has always come with negative connotations attached to it, something which is not looked [at], and that is exactly the perspective shift what we need to create, from illness to wellness. - Arushi Sethi, Trijog

We have to know the difference between fear and danger. - Louise Remedios

The ability to communicate confidently, coherently, and creatively is a crucial life skill for kids and a prerequisite for success as an adult. - Ravi Bhushan, BrightCHAMPS

We need to own our unique experiences, have our authentic stories, and define success on our own terms. - Shymala Soundari Kuppasamy, Lowe’s Company

Be unique and trust that uniqueness that is in you. - Anjana Gupta, SpACE Academy for Kathak

Be very self-assured. A lot of people will question you on the basis of your gender. But just be prepared and be confident to sometimes answer back. - Srushti Adani, Wellnest Tech

The world is your oyster. It’s all about how you’re viewing yourself. - Shalini Prakash, ‘Clueless at 30’

As your brand grows, the story of your brand will also change. - Yash Gangwal, Urban Monkey


Keep your focus intact and build according to your user’s needs and not for investors. If users are happy, all the other facets of the community would come along. - Neha Suyal, Woovly

When you’re an entrepreneur, you’re on a moving train, and you have to run with it. And, that train has various obstacles. - Rutu Mody Kamdar, Jigsaw Brand Consultants

There's no amount of motivation that can come from outside unless you're willing to do it yourself. So, you need to have that fire within yourself to wake up every day and want to go after what you want. - Yamini Reddy, The Outlier

Age is not the accurate indicator of what you can do ahead. - Surabhi Washishth, Paradigm Shift Capital

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