Winners of India's largest Web3 hackathon at CoinDCX Unfold 2022 revealed

The hackathon saw 250 Web3 developers participating in 100+ teams, 86 project submissions, and over $60,000 in bounties distributed to the winners, sponsored by 13 leading global Web3 companies.

As part of its three-day-long Unfold 2022 event, held from August 26 -28, 2022, leading Indian crypto exchange CoinDCX organised a hackathon with the theme "Innovation and technological neutrality in Web3," and unveiled three winners.

The hackathon saw 250 Web3 developers participating in 100+ teams, 86 project submissions, and over $60,000 in bounties distributed to the winners. The event is sponsored by 13 leading global Web3 companies, making it one of the largest Web3 hackathons.

Created in partnership with hackathon expert Devfolio, the event brought together developers, industry experts, advisors, mentors, and companies from the Web3 ecosystem, allowing attendees to access top-tier mentors and thought leaders.

Registrations for the hackathon commenced earlier this month, with the aim to bring the best developers with real-world solutions to Web3 use cases. Over 5,000 applications were received from across India.

Vivek Gupta, Vice President-Product Engineering, CoinDCX, said:

“We are honoured and thrilled to have such an incredible response from the Web3 developers' community. This showcases that Indian builders and developers are set to embrace the transition to a decentralized future. The same resonates with CoinDCX’s belief that India is well on track to position itself as a global Web3 leader.”

The participants were given the choice of working on multiple chains and protocols, and topics for the challenges included DAO tooling, P2P payments apps, ReFi (Regenerative Finance), use cases for NFTs in Dapps, Router Protocol App, etc, from 13 different sponsors.

Apart from CoinDCX, the sponsors represented some of the leading Web3 companies and startups including Polygon, Solana, NEAR, Router Protocol, Filecoin/IPFS, Tezos, Alchemy, Covalent, Arcana, Unstoppable Domains, Spheron, EPNS, and Gitopia. The hackathon was conducted over 48 hours.

Vivek Gupta added, “CoinDCX is committed to strengthening India's Web3 ecosystem to realise its full potential, and the same can be accomplished by nurturing and accelerating the potential of decentralized technology. Our hackathon was unique as it allowed multi-chain multi-wallet designs enabling the industry to innovate more use-cases."

Denver Dsouza, COO, Devfolio said, "We're glad to have partnered with CoinDCX to organise India's largest multi-chain IRL hackathon at Unfold 2022. The drive and new energy in the builders, throughout the 48 hours, was inspiring. The hackathon ended on a high note. We are looking forward to seeing these projects grow into full-blown Web3 products”.

Meet the winners

1st place: Cupcake, won $3500

With Cupcake, users can bundle transactions on Polygon and relay them to Optimism.

2nd place: zkLoans, won $1500

zkLoans enables users to prove creditworthiness without revealing their credit score. It is powered by zk-SNARKs on NEAR.

3rd place: Nonagon, won $1000

Nonagon analyses on-chain data by creating relations across dApps and chains to create insights for users, developers and investors.

Edited by Kanishk Singh


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