Lifestyle, culture, food and more: YourStory launches YS Life

YourStory's YS Life will showcase the best things you can buy and experience as well as tell you how to go beyond the mundane. Here's what you can expect from our stellar inaugural edition.

Lifestyle, culture, food and more: YourStory launches YS Life

Friday September 23, 2022,

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Having fun is important. In her book The Power of Fun, Catherine Price tells us why fun goes beyond making you feel alive–it is directly connected to your resilience, happiness, and mental and physical health. Also, when you have fun doing something, you most often do it better. 

This is why after 14 years of bringing you stories about entrepreneurs and startups–and having great fun while doing so–YourStory is launching YS Life, our premium lifestyle and cultural magazine. For most of us caught in the daily grind, replenishing our energy reserves through fun may be a tad difficult without a little guidance. 

YS Life hopes to be that nudge in the right direction for you. We will bring to you a curation of the best things and experiences in life as well as how to get more out of it. 

What is YS Life

At first glance, YS Life can seem to exist at two opposing ends–with indulgence and extravagance on the one side and mindfulness and meaning on the other. But we believe that ideally there must be a healthy balance between the two. Our stories will reflect this–you will find features on ultra expensive gadgets and cruises sitting cheek by jowl with those on spirituality and meditation here. 

Homegrown gin brands

The Lead’ for our first edition focuses on Gin-eissance–the Gin revolution and its roots in India’s party capital Goa. 

Next, we have special interviews with those who matter. For our launch, we have Padma Shri awardee and table tennis ace Achanta Sharath Kamal sharing the secrets of his sporting longevity. The 40-year-old 2022 Commonwealth Games gold medalist reveals how he got the better of his opponents at the international event. 

Sharath Kamal

In the age of reels, we bring you 90-seconds with YS Life–a rapid-fire round where we pose quirky, fun questions to startup founders and investors.

Our columns on Travel, History & Culture will take you to Edinburgh, reminding you of the brilliance of French director Jean-Luc Godard and our take on the latest releases. 

While these could be food for thought, our thoughts are also with food. Our Wine & Food section will feature legendary eateries in your city, explore the newly opened ones, and review special menus to help you plan your weekends better. 

The Upbeat column will unearth new music trends, bring exciting interviews with your favourite artists and new tracks for your playlist. This week, we explore the ‘new world’ of music with singer-songwriter and producer DJ Ritviz. And finally, we have Curtain Raiser for those looking to experience something new every weekend. 

This is just the start. Catch us every Friday and Saturday with fresh features that give your mind and body some much-required breathing space. 

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