Google India announces the first 20 women-led startups for its incubator

Google India selected the 20 startups under its Google for Startups Accelerator Programme - India Women Founders programme, from an initial 400 applications.

Google India announces the first 20 women-led startups for its incubator

Tuesday October 04, 2022,

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First announced in June, Google India's accelerator programme for women-led startups has revealed the names of 20 selected companies.

These startups were picked from close to 400 applications.

The programme has been designed specifically for female founders, with emphasis on access to networks, access to capital, hiring challenges, mentorship, and others that have traditionally been difficult for women to access due to societal biases and a lack of representation.

The curriculum of the programme will also include workshops on subjects such as around AI/ML, Cloud, UX, Android, Web, Product Strategy and Growth.

The full list of startups includes Aspire for Her, a startup focussed on adding one million to the workforce by 2025 using the power of communities and networks, as well as Brown Living which aims to make living a planet-friendly life easier and more sustainable.

CoLLearn Education is using celebrity courses to help people fulfill careers around their passions, while Commudle is building a community platform to scale developer programs.

Dubverse is developing video-dubbing technologies in 30+ languages using AI, while Elda Health is a full stack women's healthcare platform, and FitBots helps executives build and align OKRs with their teams.

FreeStand is a B2B Marketplace for FMCG product sampling, Jumping Minds is an online community aimed lowering stress, while LXME is India's first neobank aimed at women, to empower them to make independent financial decisions towards their goals.

MeMeraki helps rural artisans from remote areas of the country become digital creators, Mishry is building a review-focussed online ecosystem to improve product information on the Internet, and OPOD Audio is a vernacular audio app that provides contextual information on trending news and current affairs in just 30 seconds.

PickMyWork helps companies acquire companies through a pay-per-acquisition model, Rang De is a P2P lending platform connecting social investors to unbanked communities, and Savage offers doctor-designed, complete care programs for PCOS, hormonal imbalance, thyroid, menopause, weight and gut health.

Sprint Studio is building a platform for brand researchers to customers, The Bridge is building a deep coverage media outlet for Indian sports other than cricket, TrackNow connects location services to solve problems in education, staff, logistics & supply chain, and Tradyl is building a digital platform for online businesses across the world to source in small quantities from India.

Edited by Affirunisa Kankudti