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Festival of lights in the Metaverse: Antier hosts first-ever Diwali celebrations in their virtual office

On Diwali, regardless of their locations, Antier’s employees entered a 3D recreation of their office’s Diwali set-up, moved around, and interacted with other employees.

Festival of lights in the Metaverse: Antier hosts first-ever Diwali celebrations in their virtual office

Friday November 04, 2022,

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The past week was full of lights, celebrations and festivities. Family and friends came together, the sky lit up with lights, and the world seemed more colourful than ever. But these festivities weren’t just limited to the physical realm. Thanks to leaders in the field, the virtual world too came alive with Diwali.

Leading blockchain development firm Antier was the first to ring in Diwali on the metaverse. The event, named Anfestier, was organised at the virtual Antier office for employees and it ended up being the world’s first Diwali celebration on the metaverse.

Bringing people together with Anfestier

Diwali has always been a time for connections, a time to come and celebrate together. But that isn’t always possible, since many people live away from their loved ones. Antier Solutions too has a diverse group of employees with offices in the US, UK, Dubai, and India. To bridge the gap between people and bring them closer, Antier created Anfestier for the metaverse.

The metaverse is a simulated digital environment that uses augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and blockchain, and it allows users to simulate real-life experiences, be it buying goods or services, going to work, attending or hosting events and more. So there was no better opportunity for Antier than to leverage the power of the metaverse and bring people together.

Anfestier didn’t just make history by being the first Diwali celebration on the metaverse, but it also became the solution that enabled the company’s employees to participate in one of the most significant festivals in India.

On Diwali day, regardless of their location, Antiers employees entered a 3D recreation of their office’s Diwali set-up, moved and danced around, and interacted with other employees. Anfestier brought Diwali to Web 3.0 and empowered people to come together to be a part of the celebration. It was a huge step in showing others that people can experience diverse cultures and participate in celebrations, even if they are thousands of miles away.

How Antier makes a difference

The metaverse has been rapidly gaining attention. The ease and uniqueness of the virtual realm have made many businesses and corporate giants like Facebook, Microsoft, Nike, Reebok sit up and take notice. As per Gartner, 30 percent of the organisations in the world will have products and services ready for metaverse, by 2026. To counter the growing competition in the field, brands need to join hands with leading developers like Antier.

As a leading metaverse development company, Antier brings together a team of over 500+ metaverse skilled developers and designers to expedite the metaverse development journey for its clients. Through their expertise, the team can help brands across industries like fashion, real estate, finance and more, build sophisticated 3D virtual spaces, metaverse apps and metaverse NFT marketplaces.

By foraying into MetaFestival with Anfestier, the company has further highlighted the importance of this untapped use case, showing the world how it can be made accessible to everyone globally.

Antier is driven by a motto to embrace innovation and deliver forward-thinking solutions, and Anfestier is just the latest manifestation of the team’s knowledge and mission.

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