‘Carrying the creativity baton is not easy but it is fulfilling’ – 15 quotes on entrepreneurs and leaders

From collaboration to creativity, witness the memorable journey of entrepreneurs and leaders in these quotes, excerpts, and stories!

‘Carrying the creativity baton is not easy but it is fulfilling’ – 15 quotes on entrepreneurs and leaders

Tuesday January 10, 2023,

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10 heart-warming stories our readers loved in 2022

Encouraging the spirit of entrepreneurship that runs deep in the country across social strata is vital. - Mayank Jain, E-Fill Electric

Founders seeking funding should focus on profitability, reduce low-priority expenditures, carefully monitor high-priority costs, and adopt a more mindful approach to ongoing operational costs. – Ratish Pandey, Ethique Advisory

2022 saw historic high dry powder in the form of funds raised by global fund managers, with deployments and investments trailing behind fund raises. Hence, there is immense deployment pressure for such managers. - Siddarth Pai, 3one4 Capital

Lack of guidance is one of the primary reasons why so many startups fail or are not able to sustain for a longer period. - Deepak Nagpal, India Accelerator

There's beauty in failing and not getting it right; and sometimes, there is also beauty in letting it be. - Wendy Amanda Coutinho, '832'

Lightning delivery speeds, rising customer expectations, and seamless fulfilment functionality have now become foundations of delivering customer delight, which is every business’ ultimate goal. - Nishith Rastogi, Locus.sh

What’s on your screen? Here are the apps we loved in 2022

Electrification of the ride-hailing fleet is the next frontier for the industry and a huge step in the direction of the future of mobility. - Bhavish Aggarwal, Ola

Regulations bring trust to the user and eliminate the bad actors. - Gaurav Arora, CoinDCX

Imitation of imitation happens very quickly. It is difficult to sustain the advantage of creating a new category and owning it. - Heena Bajaj Rustagi, Shoshaa

Increasing the role of women in the workplace has benefits far beyond the apparent economic ones. Social and cultural dynamics change for the better. - Akshay Raje, InterviewBit

Today, women have the right support and opportunities to start their own businesses. However, no work is big or small; it’s how you approach it. - Uma Jha, JhaJi Store

We need women’s perspectives to make sure science and technology works for everyone. - Yeshasvini Ramaswamy, Great Place to Work®️ India

Top 7 stories of startups turning around their fortunes

It’s okay to say no when you can’t make it to a meeting. But it’s also important to add value to that meeting that it gets rescheduled because of you. - Goda Ramkumar, Swiggy

Unless ethics is a priority on the CEO’s agenda, negligence can result in reputational consequences or even shutdown of the business. - Jordan Morrow, 'Be Data Driven'

To be able to create is a privilege and is bestowed on very few capable shoulders. Carrying the creativity baton is not easy but it is fulfilling. - Wendy Amanda Coutinho, '832'

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