‘Failures will always keep us alert and energised’ – 15 quotes on motivation and change

From setback to comeback, witness the memorable journey of changemakers and gamechangers in these quotes, excerpts and stories!

‘Failures will always keep us alert and energised’ – 15 quotes on motivation and change

Friday February 10, 2023,

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Equality and difference can coexist and it is important for businesses to make this distinction to drive the need for equality. - Mukesh Gandhi, Creative Synergies Group

A serious ailment completely shatters the morale of a poor family, leaving generations in debt. - President Droupadi Murmu

The rise of political professionalism in India has paved a new pathway for young people, women, and other marginalised communities to enter politics. - Kanksshi Agarwal, NETRI Foundation

This is a huge opportunity to be more efficient with resources, use waste better, and recycle more. - Anant Ahuja, Shahi Exports

A long ride is still a challenge in E2W owners’ minds. Underpenetrated charging infrastructure and longer charging times remain the biggest challenges to existing users and the most significant deterrent to those on the fence. - Aditya Agrawal, Redseer Strategy Consultants

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Nothing compares with creativity and imagination when it comes to thinking of innovative ideas for brand building. - Gunnidhi Singh Sareen, Head Digital Works

Each painting has something new to teach you. In that journey, you might not even know when and how you obtained your own signature style. - Devi Pramod, Chitra Santhe

Do what you want, at your own pace. Don’t try to copy someone. - Bhuvan Bam, BB Ki Vines

Art is not about mistakes or failures. Instead, it is all about exploring and experimenting in everyday art practice. - Kayal Vizhi, Chitra Santhe

In the process of creating art, nothing can really be termed as a failure. It's all about experimenting, and learning new methods and ways. - Devi Pramod, Chitra Santhe

Nothing will be perfect. There is always partial success and partial failure at the same time. - Shrabani Misra, Chitra Santhe

I made mistakes, but that made me who I am. - Tejas Goenka, Tally Solutions

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It is with the mistakes made during the learning stage that an artist becomes perfect. The realisation of the mistake itself creates a kind of change in us and creates consciousness about walking in the right path. - Ganapathi Agnihothri, Chitra Santhe

Failure is an experience to get prepared for the future. We should not get perturbed, but instead become mentally stronger to carry on. - Hema Vinayak Patil, Chitra Santhe

There is no need to win over the mistakes or failures. We have to respect mistakes, because failures will always keep us alert and energised. - Manjunatha (‘MANZz’), Chitra Santhe

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