Google unveils AI-powered search engine and AI enhancements to Gmail and Workspace

At its I/O 2023 developer conference, Google unveiled a slew of AI-powered solutions for work and search. It also launched a foldable smartphone and a tablet under the Pixel brand.

Google unveils AI-powered search engine and AI enhancements to Gmail and Workspace

Thursday May 11, 2023,

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Google launched its brand new AI-powered search engine, which promises to generate hyper-personalised product information, at its I/O 2023 developer conference in Mountain View, California.

The tech company also announced AI development and deployment solutions for enterprises and AI additions to Gmail and Workspace.

On the product side, Google launched its first foldable smartphone, Pixel Fold, featuring Google’s Tensor G2 chip. It is expected to be released this spring or summer. Google also unveiled its first tablet, the Pixel Tablet, which also features the G2 chip.

Google has also updated its midrange A-series lineup with the addition of Pixel 7A. The device features the same chip used in Pixel Fold and comes with a 6.1-inch OLED display and a 90Hz refresh rate.

pixel fold by google

Bard in India

Google has finally introduced Bard in India. The chatbot will be available in over 180 countries including India. It has been made available in Japanese and Korean now, and there are plans to support 40 languages soon.

Google is expanding the capability of Bard AI, with new features and language model integrations. Bard has been upgraded to PaLM 2, a newer and more capable language model, giving the AI tool the capability to solve mathematical problems and gain better reasoning and coding skills.

Bard will also become visually richer and allow users to include images in prompts using the image recognition tech from Google Lens.

The tech firm said it would integrate Bard with more Google apps and services and also partner with Adobe Firefly for creative generative AI models.

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Other developments

Google’s Vertex AI will help companies deploy and maintain machine learning models. It will include the Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback feature, which allows organisations to incorporate human feedback for fine-tuning models.

Google announced Embeddings API for text and images to enable semantic understanding and to support applications such as search, classification, and chatbots.

Apart from this, Google Cloud announced Duet AI, an AI-powered collaborator that aims to provide personalised and intent-driven assistance to cloud developers.

Google Workspace will have the Duet AI feature, which integrates generative AI capabilities across its suite of apps. Duet AI helps with writing, organising, visualising, accelerating workflows, and improving meetings. It has already been incorporated into Gmail and Docs, assisting users in drafting complete responses and generating original visuals for presentations.

In Sheets, Google’s Excel competitor, Duet AI enables automated data classification and the creation of custom plans.

Google Meet will now offer the ability to generate unique backgrounds for video calls. The Workspace Labs program, which provides access to these features, is now open to the public, allowing users to experience AI in action.

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