Tracing the popularity of subscription-based ecommerce services

Subscription-based e-commerce services have revolutionised the retail industry, offering a convenient and personalised shopping experience for consumers.

Tracing the popularity of subscription-based ecommerce services

Saturday June 10, 2023,

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Recently, subscription-based ecommerce services have become popular, transforming how consumers engage with online shopping. These services offer convenience, personalized experiences, and a steady stream of products delivered directly to the doorsteps of consumers.

On a larger scale, the subscription economy has experienced tremendous growth on a global scale. According to a report by Zuora, a leading subscription management platform, the subscription economy has grown over 350% in the past seven years. That's not all, this market is expected to reach $478 billion by 2025, as estimated by McKinsey. This impressive figure signifies the immense potential for businesses operating in this sector.

This boom can be closely observed through consumer adoption or preferences.

The Subscription Box Phenomenon

Subscription boxes which are curated packages of products tailored to specific interests or needs, have gained massive popularity. Data from Hitwise reveals that the number of visits to subscription box websites increased by over 3,000% between 2013 and 2016.

According to a survey conducted by McKinsey, 73% of subscribers reported being satisfied with their subscription services. The convenience, surprise factor, and tailored offerings contribute to high customer satisfaction levels.

Observing diversification and Expansion

Subscription-based ecommerce services have expanded beyond their initial niche markets. Now, consumers can find subscriptions for various categories, such as fashion, food, pet products, books, fitness, and more. This diversification has broadened the appeal of subscription services and attracted a broader customer base.

Then that brings up the question, what is driving this phenomenal growth?


Consumers appreciate the personalized experiences that subscription services offer. By analyzing customer data and preferences, companies can curate products and experiences that match individual needs, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Convenience and time-saving process

Subscription services eliminate the need for consumers to shop for specific products constantly. By automating the delivery process, these services save customers time and effort.

Discovery and surprise

Subscription services often include surprise elements, allowing subscribers to discover new products or brands they might not have encountered otherwise. This element of surprise adds excitement and value to the subscription experience.

That being said, the subscription-based ecommerce landscape continues to evolve. Some notable trends include:

  • Sustainability: Consumers increasingly seek eco-friendly and sustainable subscription options, such as zero-waste products or ethically sourced goods.

  • Personal Care and Wellness: Subscription services in the health and wellness sector, including vitamins, supplements, and self-care products, have witnessed significant growth, reflecting the increasing focus on well-being.

  • Local and Artisanal Offerings: Subscription services that highlight locally made or artisanal products are gaining popularity, tapping into the desire to support small businesses and discover unique, handcrafted items.

Subscription-based ecommerce services have revolutionised the retail industry, offering a convenient and personalised shopping experience for consumers. With substantial market growth and success stories from leading brands like Ubuy India, Amazon, Flipkart, and others have started giving a diverse range of subscription offerings, it is evident that this trend is here to stay.

As consumers seek convenience, personalization, and value, businesses should consider tapping into the subscription economy to unlock new growth opportunities.

Faizan Khan is a media spokesperson and senior content marketing specialist at Ubuy.

Edited by Akanksha Sarma

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