Satwiksairaj Rankireddy: Indian Badminton Star Breaks Guinness World Speed Record

Satwiksairaj Rankireddy, India's badminton sensation, made history, shattering the record for fastest hit with an amazing 565 km/h smash

Satwiksairaj Rankireddy: Indian Badminton Star Breaks Guinness World Speed Record

Tuesday July 18, 2023,

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Redefining speed on the badminton court, India's doubles sensation, Satwiksairaj Rankireddy, has carved out a unique place for himself in the prestigious Guinness World Records. With a smash of unparalleled speed, Rankireddy's accomplishment toppled a record that had withstood the test of time for an entire decade.

An extraordinary display of dexterity and muscular power won the 2022 Commonwealth gold medallist this accolade. Rankireddy's ground-breaking smash was recorded at a mind-boggling speed of 565 km/h (around 351 mph), surpassing the maximum speed of a Formula 1 car, which stands at 372.6 km/h.

Rankireddy's record-setting achievement showcases the immense strides Indian badminton has taken, a feat that has often been under the radar due to the nation's eminent cricketing history. Achieved in a controlled setup at the Yonex factory gymnasium in Soka, Saitama, Japan, this feat stands as a monument to Rankireddy's might, accuracy, and flamboyance on the court.

In women's badminton, Malaysia's Tan Pearly has also etched her name in the record books with her fastest hit, clocked at an impressive 438 km/h. This acceleration in the speed of the game brought about by Pearly and Rankireddy promises an adrenaline-filled era for badminton lovers worldwide.

Rankireddy's awe-inspiring hit outstripped the erstwhile record set by Malaysian player Tan Boon Heong in 2013, who had recorded a notable speed of 493 km/h (272 mph). The record-breaking shot, facilitated by the Yonex Nanoflare 1000 Z racquet, was accurately measured with high-speed cameras and photographic recordings.

In the sphere of live competitive play, Lakshya Sen, another luminary from India, holds the record for the fastest smash in men's singles. His stunning 420 km/h hit during the 2023 BWF Canada Open finals has given new depth to the possibilities during live matches.

Ahead, Rankireddy and his doubles partner Chirag Shetty, currently world number 3 in men's doubles, are gearing up for the Korea Open this week. They are being closely watched as India's foremost hopefuls for a medal at the Paris Olympics next year.

Rankireddy's extraordinary feat has reshaped the boundaries of badminton, elevating the sport's standards. This new phase of lightning-fast play will undoubtedly spur on the upcoming generation of badminton athletes, keeping spectators riveted. It's a landmark moment that is sure to ignite the dreams of numerous budding badminton players worldwide, setting a thrilling new norm for this cherished sport.

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