World's Highest IPS Gaming Refresh Rate: Alienware’s AW2524HF 500hz Monitor

Introducing Alienware's AW2524HF Monitor: Featuring 500Hz refresh rate, AMD FreeSync Premium, and a unique 1080p IPS panel for a groundbreaking gaming experience.

World's Highest IPS Gaming Refresh Rate: Alienware’s AW2524HF 500hz Monitor

Thursday August 24, 2023,

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Gaming technology is perpetually evolving, and Alienware is again at the forefront with its newly released AW2524HF monitor, branded as the "world’s fastest IPS gaming monitor." Making waves since its initial presentation at CES and now at Gamescom, this monitor is set to redefine the gaming landscape.


  • Refresh Rate: Alienware steps it up with a native 480Hz refresh rate, but when overclocked, it rockets to an impressive 500Hz.
  • Display & Resolution: The IPS panel promises vivid visuals, covering 99% of the sRGB color gamut, all at a crisp 1080p resolution.
  • Response Time: In 'Extreme Mode', it offers a rapid response time between 0.05ms to 1ms – essential for high-stakes competitive gaming.
  • Connectivity: While its HDMI 2.1 port supports up to 255Hz, the twin DisplayPort 1.4 ports are where the magic happens, unlocking the complete 500Hz experience.
  • Extra Features: With AMD FreeSync Premium and VESA Adaptive Sync, gaming is seamless and tear-free. Added perks include HDR10 support and a multi-adjustable stand, paired with a handy headphone hangar for a clutter-free desk.

Comparing with Its Predecessor

The AW2524HF is Alienware’s second 500Hz monitor outing, following the pricier AW2524H. The primary distinction? Graphic tech support. The AW2524HF is designed with AMD gamers in mind, courtesy of its AMD FreeSync Premium, while the AW2524H caters to NVIDIA users. Plus, the AW2524HF has an edge, supporting 15Hz more over HDMI compared to the AW2524H.

Pricing and Availability

Launching on September 12th, the AW2524HF is priced at $649.99 USD – a notable $180 less than its predecessor. However, international prices are still under wraps.

Alienware’s AW2524HF isn’t just another monitor; it’s a statement in gaming prowess. Tailored for both e-sports champions and hobbyist gamers, it promises an unrivaled gaming experience.