Snapchat's Reward: INR 5.9 Lakhs/Month for AR Lens Creators in India

Join Snapchat's Lens Creator Rewards Program to monetize your AR creativity. With rewards for top-performing Lenses, here's an opportunity to turn your passion into profit

Snapchat's Reward: INR 5.9 Lakhs/Month for AR Lens Creators in India

Wednesday August 02, 2023,

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Snapchat announced a new program on Tuesday called the Lens Creator Rewards Program, designed to motivate Augmented Reality (AR) lens creators and developers by financially rewarding the creation of popular Lenses. The program could earn creators up to (INR 5.9 lakhs per month) $7,200 per month if their Lens gains substantial traction in the United States, India, or Mexico.

Initially, the program will prioritize high-performing Lenses in these three countries. However, creators from 40 eligible countries will also have the opportunity to earn rewards if their Lenses achieve strong performance in the targeted markets.

The Director of AR Platform Partnerships and Ecosystem at Snapchat, Sophia Dominguez, explained that the program aims to start small and adapt based on community feedback. The specific requirements for the rewards program remain undefined, but various metrics such as views, Lens-specific measures, and user engagement duration will be taken into account. More details will be released as the program rolls out.

Lens creators who qualify for a reward will be notified via email and through alerts in their creator hub.

Snapchat's AR creator community has warmly welcomed this new initiative. Expressing her enthusiasm, Lens creator Paige Piskin stated, “I'm really excited and motivated by the new rewards program. It encourages me to create more lenses and delve into new methods and techniques.”

Snapchat's move to monetize AR Lenses represents a significant step in the AR industry. With an AR community of over 300,000 creators and teams, and more than 3 million Lenses created, these Lenses have already been viewed more than 5 trillion times by users. This new program, therefore, holds great potential to foster a more rewarding environment for AR creators worldwide.