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World’s most expensive sushi, priced at Rs.2,01,332 served up at a Japanese restaurant.

Experience Japan's most extravagant sushi dish, with 20 crafted pieces using ingredients sourced from all over Japan and the world, offered exclusively at Sushi Kirimon.

World’s most expensive sushi, priced at Rs.2,01,332 served up at a Japanese restaurant.

Thursday August 10, 2023 , 3 min Read

Japan is a nation renowned for its traditional art forms, be it Ikebana, Sumi-e or the exquisite world of sushi. Sushi Kirimon, nestled in Osaka, has recently ascended the echelons of luxury dining by serving what is now recognized as the world's most expensive sushi.

Their newest addition to the menu, the “Kiwami Omakase” course, priced at an astonishing JP¥350,000 (Rs. 2,01,332) for 20 pieces of sushi, surpasses a 2010 record. The previous luxury platter, presented by chef Angelito Araneta Jr, comprised five nigiri pieces adorned with diamonds and 24-karat gold leaf. They were priced at 91,800 Philippine Pesos (Rs. 1,35,508).

However, it’s not just the price that makes Sushi Kirimon's offering remarkable. The course is a rich tapestry of Japan’s finest ingredients, with a commitment to preserving and promoting Washoku, the art of traditional Japanese cuisine. Each sushi piece echoes the intricate detail, care, and reverence that is emblematic of Japanese culinary arts.

The masterful dish predominantly includes nigiri - thinly sliced raw fish elegantly placed on a ball of rice. There's also the unadorned beauty of sashimi and the intricate craftsmanship of maki. Here’s a tantalizing visual breakdown:

  1. White tilefish meets the luxury of beluga caviar.
  2. Shinko or baby gizzard shad, a true Japanese delicacy.
  3. Succulent Pacific bluefin tuna.
  4. The rich flavor of Chum salmon.
  5. Bigfin reef squid, celebrating the ocean’s treasures.
  6. Sei whale tail meat, a rare treat.
  7. Duel of unis: Murasaki (purple sea urchin) and Bafun (green sea urchin).
  8. Soft, steamed abalone.
  9. A decadent slice of futomaki, with a medley of exquisite ingredients.
  10. Different renditions of tuna: fatty, medium-fat, lean, marbled, and seared.
  11. Japanese tiger prawn showcasing the best of aquatic elegance.
  12. Button shrimp with a touch of beluga caviar.
  13. Traditional Conger eel.
  14. A fusion of Sea eel and aromatic black truffle.
  15. Culminating with the richness of hairy crab complemented by beluga caviar.

As a pièce de résistance, a delicate sprinkling of gold leaf is added, symbolizing the luxury of the dish.

The sources of these ingredients narrate a journey across Japan, from the southernmost island of Kyushu to the northernmost expanses of Hokkaido. Not to forget, some globally sourced ingredients, like matsutake mushrooms from China, black truffles from Italy, and whale meat from the North Atlantic Ocean.

In sum, Sushi Kirimon's Kiwami Omakase isn’t just a plate of sushi; it’s a masterfully curated experience. The record-breaking price isn't merely a number; it reflects the dedication, passion, and tradition that goes into crafting each piece. In a world constantly seeking the next luxury, Sushi Kirimon reminds us that sometimes, luxury is about an age-old craft perfected over time.