Bengaluru Auto Driver's Gaming Chair Goes Viral

A Bengaluru auto driver goes viral for navigating the busy city streets while seated in a gaming chair, sparking amused reactions online

Bengaluru Auto Driver's Gaming Chair Goes Viral

Monday September 25, 2023,

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In a city known for its vibrant tech scene, bustling streets, and a kaleidoscope of unique auto-rickshaw tales, Bengaluru has offered netizens another story to chuckle over. A software engineer recently captured a unique moment that could only be described as quintessentially 'Bengaluru' and shared it on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter. The photo shows an auto-rickshaw driver navigating the busy streets of the city from the comfort of a gaming chair. Yes, you read that right—a gaming chair.

A Seat Above the Rest

The snapshot captures the essence of innovation and humor in a single frame. Donning a lumbar-support gaming chair usually reserved for serious gamers, the auto driver seemed blissfully unaware of his newfound fame. Accompanying the picture, the software engineer added the cheeky caption: "Why should tech bros have all the fun?" And fun they had, as the photo garnered a staggering 1.9 lakh views and counting.

Street Gaming, Literally

The photo wasn’t just a momentary pause in the never-ending scroll; it invited interaction. Netizens were quick to chime in with their reactions. While one commented, “Gaming chair! Must be a serious gamer before,” another responded with a succinct, “Street gaming.” Some posed questions about the logistics. “I will skip, ‘Why?’ The real question is ‘How?’” remarked a curious viewer. The consensus was one of amusement and awe, with a dash of pure Bengaluru charm.

The Peaks of Bengaluru

Bengaluru has always been a breeding ground for unconventional tales, especially when it comes to its auto-rickshaw culture. Previously, an auto driver flipped his smartwatch to present a QR code for payment, while another juggled rides from two different apps simultaneously. One frustrated commuter even reported a wait time of over three hours for a 45-minute journey through Rapido. The gaming chair auto-rickshaw driver, therefore, is in good company when it comes to adding a peculiar feather to Bengaluru’s already eclectic cap.

When Tech Meets Tradition

The intriguing blend of technology and traditional modes of transport paints a vivid picture of a city that thrives on its diversity. One commenter summed it up aptly: “Tell me you are in Bangalore without telling me you are in Bangalore.” Another chimed in, saying, “Bro has an ultra-realistic driving setup.”

As the tale of the gaming chair auto-rickshaw driver continues to trend, one thing is clear: Bengaluru remains an exciting landscape where the old meets the new in the most unexpected ways, often leading to moments of pure internet gold. "Love it!" as one netizen put it, and we couldn't agree more.

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