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Billion-Dollar Mysteries: The World’s Most Incredible Underwater Discoveries

Discover the world’s most extraordinary underwater treasures—from billion-dollar Sphinx statues to sunken ancient cities—and their untold stories

Billion-Dollar Mysteries: The World’s Most Incredible Underwater Discoveries

Friday September 22, 2023 , 3 min Read

The ocean, covering approximately 71% of the Earth's surface, has been a source of mystery, lore, and endless fascination. But it is not just its immense size or bewildering beauty that captures the human imagination; it is also its role as a custodian of untold treasures—literal and historical. Below we explore some of the most significant underwater discoveries, ranging from ancient cities to mysterious monuments.

The Enigmatic Sphinx of the Bahamas

In 2014, explorers uncovered a gargantuan statue resembling Egypt's iconic Sphinx off the Bahamian coast. Although corroded by marine life, the 3,000-pound artifact's mineral composition traces it back to an Egyptian quarry, Wadi Rahanu. Despite its estimated $1.2 billion value, the statue's origins and journey to the ocean depths remain shrouded in enigma.


The Sunken Metropolis: Heracleion

Unveiled by Frank Goddio in 2000, the submerged city of Heracleion is a treasure trove for historians. It disappeared beneath the waters in the 2nd century B.C. and left behind a trove of invaluable relics, including coins, pottery, and precious stones. While its monetary worth might be indeterminable, its historical importance is undoubtedly immense.


The Portofino Christ: A Submerged Blessing

The Christ of the Abyss, discovered in the Mediterranean near Portofino, is an underwater statue designed to honor the memory of Dario Gonzatti, Italy's first SCUBA diver. Valued at around $90,000, the bronze statue's multiple casts have appeared globally, both underwater and in museums.

portofino christ

Neapolis: Rome's Lost Underwater City

Seventeen centuries ago, a catastrophic tsunami obliterated Neapolis, an ancient Roman city. Rediscovered in 2010, it has revealed well-preserved streets, monuments, and tanks used in the production of garum, a popular Roman condiment. While its monetary value is uncertain, the discovery enriches our understanding of ancient Roman civilisation.


The Enigmatic Pyramid off Portugal's Coast

Located near the Azores Islands, this peculiar underwater pyramid was found by a sailor in 2021. Some theorise its existence dates back to before the last Ice Age. Though its value and origin are yet to be determined, it adds another layer of intrigue to the ocean's already mysterious reputation.

pyeamid off portugals

Pavlopetri: The Oldest Submerged City in the Mediterranean

Located off the Greek coast, Pavlopetri, discovered in 1967, provides an almost intact city layout, including tombs and streets, dating back to 1000 B.C. Threatened by tourists seeking souvenirs, its value, much like Heracleion's, is incalculable due to its historical significance.


Titanic: The Ill-Fated Luxury Liner

Perhaps the most famous underwater discovery of all, the Titanic was located in 1985, more than seven decades after its tragic sinking in 1912. The wreckage and its relics, auctioned for hundreds of millions of dollars over the years, are emblematic of a timeless tale of human ambition and vulnerability.


Each of these underwater discoveries is more than just a treasure; they are pieces in the jigsaw puzzle of human history, continually adding layers to our understanding of the past. As technological advancements make the ocean's depths more accessible, who knows what other invaluable gems lie waiting to be found?

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