Brewing success: Mastering the art of coffee meetings

Whether you're an entrepreneur meeting an investor, an employee meeting the boss to discuss a potential promotion, or a fresher diving into the interview process, an effortless coffee meeting etiquette is of utmost significance.

Brewing success: Mastering the art of coffee meetings

Friday September 29, 2023,

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“Three cups of coffee a day keeps the doctor away."

No; we don’t intend to change the timeless Pembrokeshire proverb but probably a cup or we may say, endless ‘cups’ of coffee is the ‘apple’ for the corporate workforce.e to thrive effortlessly.

Rooted in the ancient coffee forests of the Ethiopian plateau, coffee holds a captivating magic of its own. Be it a date with your long-standing romantic interest or a productive business meeting, countless connections are made over a cup of coffee.

Coffee meetings seamlessly blend networking and fun with a dash of business. Regardless of the stature of the professional you’re meeting, the very question– “Would you be available for a coffee meetup?" breaks the ice of a ‘business meeting’. Considering sustained growth is essential for any business, being receptive to potential contributors seems wise. Who knows what opportunities may befall your way from such a laid-back meeting!

Whether you're an entrepreneur meeting an investor over a cup of coffee, an employee meeting the boss to discuss a potential promotion, or a fresher diving into the interview process, an effortless coffee meeting etiquette is of utmost significance. On National Coffee Day, here’s a quick rundown of five tips that ensure a successful and intimate yet informal gathering.

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Remember, it isn’t an Interview

Coffee meetings are a departure from formal interviews. Unless your conversation partner specifically inquires, you don’t have to kickstart by showcasing your impressive qualifications, detailing how you saved Company X a fortune, or describing your strategies for appeasing unhappy clients. 

Coffee meetings are intentionally casual and hinge more on personal connection and rapport than diplomas and credentials. Allow your unfiltered persona to come through and carry the conversation. Now, if you're asked to brief on your skills, share them with pride.

Opt for a location beyond the confines of the office arena

Routine office meetings can often be tedious, exacerbated by inherent stress and distractions in a traditional work setting. 

Coffee meetings, on the other hand, offer you an uninterrupted, face-to-face interaction in a relaxed atmosphere. Fueled by the hit of caffeine and breezy music, you're practically guaranteed to have an engaging conversation.

We know how badly you toiled for the opportunity. Therefore, to crack that deal, choose a cafe with a cosy ambience.

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Prepare yourself thoroughly

Investing just a couple of minutes in research can make a world of difference in your conversation. 

Use the acquired information strategically; ask questions that help you uncover new aspects rather than rehashing what you already know. You can even find some shared interests or experiences. Remember, even a tad bit of preparation and connection can be a powerful icebreaker.

Not to forget; this approach would exhibit your ardent interest and enthusiasm to the other person.

Don’t be fashionably late!

We acknowledge that you’re way too meticulous about your attire. But punctuality is a hallmark of professionalism. 

In the business world, respecting others' time is paramount. So, transportation hiccups, unforeseen traffic congestion, or similar excuses won't be well-received. 

The best strategy is to plan for an early departure. Calculate the approximate travel time and add a buffer for potential traffic delays. Use tools like Google Maps for real-time traffic updates and alternate route suggestions in case of unexpected roadblocks.

Close the meeting with finesse

A productive conversation can take a downturn if the conclusion becomes awkward. 

Setting time expectations beforehand is a courteous practice, preventing any abrupt mid-conversation endings. Allocating approximately 20 to 30 minutes for the meeting. You can even set a reminder to signal the approaching end of the meeting, and then wrap up professionally with constructive feedback.  If needed, inquire about the possibility of a follow-up.

Craft a concise email expressing your gratitude for the meeting. Mention some of the highlights that struck your heart or outline any plans you intend to implement.