Largest Hindu Temple Outside India Opens in New Jersey

Experience the divine at Akshardham, NJ! The monumental temple, crafted with unparalleled artistry & spiritual significance, beckons all to witness a harmonious blend of ancient tradition and modern inclusivity

Largest Hindu Temple Outside India Opens in New Jersey

Tuesday October 10, 2023,

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On October 8, a special event took place in Robbinsville, New Jersey: the opening of the largest Hindu temple outside India, named BAPS Swaminarayan Akshardham. This big and beautiful temple will open its doors to everyone on October 18. Even India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, celebrated its opening!

Built with Care

The temple is a work of art, made from special marble from Italy and limestone from Bulgaria. Skilled workers and volunteers spent 4.7 million hours carving and assembling two million cubic feet of these stones to create a temple that covers 126 acres of land. The stones travelled a long way, from Italy and Bulgaria to India, and finally to New Jersey, to become parts of this grand building.

Celebrating History and Diversity

The walls of the temple tell many stories through carvings. Not only will you find important figures from Hindu stories, but you’ll also see carvings of famous people like Martin Luther King Jr. and Abraham Lincoln who are celebrated in America.

Many Hands Make Light Work

Building the Akshardham temple was a big job that started in 2011. But with the help of 12,500 volunteers from around the world, the work became easier and the temple was completed. Now, it stands tall and proud, ready to welcome people who want to visit.

A Place for All

The temple is in a perfect spot that is easy to get to, whether you are coming from New York or Washington, DC. People of all faiths and beliefs are invited to visit and enjoy the tranquility it offers.

A Mix of Old and New

The design of the temple is based on ancient Hindu writings and reflects the rich culture of India. But it also celebrates the place it is built in, with statues and carvings that represent both India and America. The temple has over 10,000 statues, and it is the second-largest Hindu temple in the modern era, with only Cambodia’s Angkor Wat being larger.

The new Hindu temple in New Jersey is not just a building; it's a symbol of spirituality, hard work, and the coming together of different cultures. When it opens its doors, everyone is welcome to come in and experience the peace and beauty it offers. Whether you are there to pray, or simply admire the art and architecture, the BAPS Swaminarayan Akshardham temple has something to offer to everyone.