68-Year-Old Engineer’s 50 Years at Single Company, No Degree & His Lone Regret

Kip Turner's unparalleled 50-year tenure at AT&T, rising through the ranks without a college degree, and how he mastered every role through on-the-job training.

68-Year-Old Engineer’s 50 Years at Single Company, No Degree & His Lone Regret

Thursday October 05, 2023,

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Kip Turner, 68, has been with AT&T for 50 years. Starting without a college degree, he learned everything on the job.

Unexpected Start

In 1973, 18-year-old Turner dropped out of Arkansas State University to find work. With his father's guidance, he landed a job at AT&T, beginning as a station installer.

Long Career at AT&T

Dedicated to his work, Turner spent five decades with AT&T, moving through about eight different positions. Each role helped him learn and grow more in his field.

Learning While Working

Over the years, Turner took 150 training courses on various topics, like troubleshooting and microwave engineering. These courses gave him the practical skills needed for his job even without a formal degree.

One Regret

Turner wishes he had completed college. Though AT&T offered education benefits, including up to $30,000 in tuition reimbursement, he didn't use these opportunities. Now, he advises young workers to take advantage of education and training opportunities offered by their employers.

Education Benefits for Career Growth

Education benefits, offered by 48% of employers, are important for career growth. Turner highlights the value of these perks and wishes he had used them earlier in his career.

Busy Life, No Time for School

Though he could still use AT&T’s education benefits, Turner's busy life makes it hard to consider going back to school. Returning to school seems tough, even for his younger colleagues.

Kip Turner’s 50-year career at AT&T shows the importance of learning on the job. While he regrets not finishing college, his story inspires others to grab every chance for education and training offered at work. For young workers, this advice is key to a successful and satisfying career.