Best productivity apps: 12 picks to elevate your efficiency

Ready to skyrocket your productivity in 2023? We've curated the ultimate list of the top 12 apps that are game-changers for your daily tasks and project management.

Best productivity apps: 12 picks to elevate your efficiency

Thursday October 19, 2023,

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Making the best out of your tasks throughout the day requires you to have an organised schedule, proper time management, and timely and proper communication. This is where having applications such as those for project management, collaboration, curating to-do lists, and calendars that help you speed up your work process can come in handy. By choosing the right app for yourself, you can save a lot of time and spend it on more pressing matters.

Here is a list of the 12 applications of 2023 categorised based on how they help improve your productivity.

Project management

Navigate the complexities of team coordination with our top project management apps, designed to streamline communication, task tracking, and overall productivity for unparalleled work efficiency.


The messaging app, Slack allows businesses to connect, brainstorm, work, and collaborate. With necessary features ranging from calls to messaging to file sharing, it creates a platform where communication can happen smoothly and efficiently.


Zoom is a unified communication and collaboration platform that lets users access a variety of features including scheduling and attending virtual meetings, and cross-platform communication.


Hootsuite is a social media manager platform that allows users to manage multiple social media networks from a common dashboard. Rather than having to manually post on each social media platform, users can also schedule the various posts for later which also helps eliminate last-minute glitches and confusion. With the option to monitor people’s interactions and various trends and analytics of how their content performs, it also helps improve the quality of content.

Project management


A project management tool that can be integrated with other applications, Trello, allows users to create to-do lists and boards that help them keep up with the tasks and track progress. Users can also collaborate and organise tasks.


Explore groundbreaking audio tools designed to enhance your digital meetings and content creation.

Otter AI

Say goodbye to tiresome transcriptions from audio recordings. Using speech-to-text apps such as Otter AI will help you quickly transcribe any audio. This voice-to-text transcription software generates transcriptions of speech directly from meetings on apps that it is connected to. It also generates real-time summaries which users can review.


The AI meeting assistant, Krisp allows users to improve voice quality with background noise cancellation, and get an automatic transcription of meeting notes and summaries that will reduce the amount of time that needs to be spent revisiting entire recordings.


Ensure your written communication is not only error-free but also impactful and original, enhancing readability and audience engagement.


Grammarly is a cloud-based writing assistant that helps users with the quality of their write-ups by correcting grammar, spelling, and other errors and improving the reading experience. Users can also use it to find alternate ways of conveying the same message more effectively. It can be integrated with browsers and other applications that the user works with. This helps speed up the process and for instance, send better quality articles, and professional emails, and have clear and concise documents. It also has plagiarism detection which helps ensure any content published is original.


Amidst the ever-evolving digital landscape, utilising intuitive design tools can streamline your creative process and empower you to craft stunning visual content that resonates with your audience.


Graphic design tool, Canva is easy to navigate, simplifies designing and helps its users create pre-designed templates for purposes ranging from logos to brochures, from the free and paid elements and designs.

The app is an all-in-one platform that allows users to share, collaborate and simultaneously work on projects, comment, add suggestions and publish. This significantly reduces the time consumed in sharing multiple files and as the projects are saved on the cloud, users don’t have to deal with multiple versions either.

Time management

Time management tools transform how professionals track their work hours, organise tasks, and ultimately, enhance their daily productivity and efficiency.

Toggl Track

This is a time-tracking tool that allows users to keep a check on the amount of time spent productively and helps in organising tasks by creating a log of all the tasks completed or yet to be done. Employers can track their employees’ data from across platforms thereby contributing to project management.


Another time-tracking tool that can be used to track both time and expenses is Harvest. Users can integrate Harvest timers into the other applications and tools that they use. This also allows them to keep track of projects.

Time management

Relaxation and motivation

Embark on a journey of self-improvement and peace with these relaxation and motivation apps, designed to melt away stress and inspire a surge of creativity and productivity in your daily life.

one sec

Are you someone who is addicted to social media? If yes then this might help you. Every time a user tries to open a social media app, one sec forces them to take deep breaths. By preventing you from spending too much time unnecessarily on social media, it helps speed up your work, thereby improving your productivity.


This is a Chrome extension that provides inspiring content on a daily basis, thereby motivating you to be productive each day. Additionally, it helps you keep track of your daily activities based on the to-do lists.

Embrace the future of productivity with these innovative apps. Whether you're looking to manage projects more efficiently, communicate seamlessly with your team, or find daily motivation, these tools are your key to a more productive self.