From Business Failure to Skincare Success: Four Friends' Journey to Rs 320 Cr in FY23

WOW Skin, founded by four visionaries, transformed a $1M setback into a leading e-commerce beauty empire, aiming for an IPO by FY26

From Business Failure to Skincare Success: Four Friends' Journey to Rs 320 Cr in FY23

Monday October 30, 2023,

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In the world of beauty and skincare, success stories are often about innovation, persistence, and vision. The story of WOW Skin Science is a testimony to these very values, intertwined with tales of challenges, grit, and transformation.

Four visionaries – Arvind Sokke, Ashwin Sokke, Manish Chowdhary, and Karan Chowdhary – embarked on a journey in 2014 that would redefine the beauty and skincare landscape. The venture began not from a position of strength, but one of profound setback. Their prior venture in electronics retail witnessed a significant loss of $1 million, predominantly due to the combination of unsold inventory and aggressive market discounts.

But for the tenacious quartet, every setback was simply a setup for a comeback. Instead of giving in, they pivoted sharply, realising the potential of e-commerce, and thus, WOW Skin was conceptualised.

With an initial investment pooled from their combined savings, the founders concentrated on two main principles: impeccable product quality and a consumer-centric approach. This was not just about selling products; it was about understanding the evolving needs of the consumer.

Over time, WOW Skin expanded its reach, gradually becoming an omnichannel brand. While e-commerce remained its stronghold, the company also made inroads into offline retail, marking its presence across 40,000 retail touchpoints, which contributed to 25% of the company’s total revenue.

With a diverse range of over 500 products spanning beauty, health, and personal care, WOW Skin's offerings are highly rated, especially on major platforms like Amazon and Flipkart. Their commitment to quality is evident in their top-selling products across multiple categories.

By the close of FY22, WOW Skin had not just made its mark but was one of the top three D2C beauty brands revenue-wise. Yet, the road wasn't devoid of hurdles. The subsequent year, FY23, witnessed losses of Rs 213 crore, a significant jump from Rs 136 crore the previous year.

But, the founders' vision remains undeterred. Manish Chowdhary, in a recent interview, laid out a clear roadmap for the brand’s future. By the end of FY26, they aim for the revenue to hit Rs 1,000 crore, with an aspiration to achieve 10-15% EBITDA positivity and be IPO-ready.

WOW Skin's journey is a lesson in resilience, innovation, and the power of believing in one’s vision. It exemplifies how challenges, when embraced, can pave the way for unprecedented successes.

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