The 1 Rupee Sensation That Earned Pulse Candy 100 Crores in 8 Months

Pulse Candy's rise to fame: Unveiling the strategy behind the candy that turned a simple flavor into a nationwide success, reaching 100 crores in 8 months.

The 1 Rupee Sensation That Earned Pulse Candy 100 Crores in 8 Months

Thursday November 09, 2023,

2 min Read

Pulse Candy, often called Pass Pass Pulse, is a candy success story from India. Created by the DS Group, a big company that started in 1929 and makes many popular products like spices and mouth fresheners, Pulse Candy hit the market in 2015 and became a hit almost overnight.

The candy is known for its special taste. It starts sweet, like raw mango, and then surprises you with a tangy and salty flavor. It's wrapped in a catchy black and green paper that's easy to spot, and the best part? It costs just one rupee. Because it's so cheap, lots of people can buy it, and they often buy lots of candies at once, not just one.

What's really cool about Pulse Candy is how it became famous. Instead of spending money on big ads, the company relied on people loving the candy and telling their friends about it. This word-of-mouth advertising worked wonders. The candy was so loved that stores couldn't keep enough of it in stock. The DS Group was only able to make enough to meet about two-thirds of the huge demand.

In just eight months, Pulse Candy made 100 crores—that's 1 billion rupees in sales! This is a big deal, especially when you think that they didn't even spend money on advertising. Instead, they made sure the candy was available all over, in every little shop across the cities where it was sold.

Pulse Candy comes in five yummy flavors, like mango, guava, orange, pineapple, and litchi. The company worked hard for two years to perfect the candy's unique taste before they launched it. Their hard work paid off, making Pulse one of the top candies in India. People not only enjoyed it as a sweet treat but also as a fresh breath fix after meals or just a fun candy to share with friends.

The DS Group has a long history of creating products that people love, and Pulse Candy is just one example. They focus on making high-quality things that people will enjoy and talk about. That's why, even with many other candies out there, Pulse stands out. It's not just about being sweet—it's about the whole experience of the candy changing flavors in your mouth, which is something new and exciting.

Pulse Candy's journey is proof that a great product can be super successful, even without the help of fancy advertisements.