Gmail's gift to you: Instant package updates in your inbox

Discover how Gmail's enhanced package tracking simplifies monitoring and a user-friendly experience for seamless management of your shipments.

Gmail's gift to you: Instant package updates in your inbox

Friday December 22, 2023,

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Just in time for your holiday shopping, Google has unveiled a new Gmail feature that streamlines package tracking directly in your inbox. This convenient feature eliminates the need to sift through emails for shipping confirmations, copy tracking numbers, and navigate to various shipping service websites.

Now, with the latest Gmail update, you can effortlessly check your package status right from your inbox or the Gmail app. No more juggling multiple tabs and constant refreshing—your package status is prominently displayed, making it a hassle-free way to stay updated on your shipping progress.

How does Gmail's Package Tracker operate?

Google has designed this feature with utmost simplicity. Upon opening your inbox and encountering an email containing a tracking number, the current delivery status is instantly visible in the list view. For additional information, clicking on the email reveals a card at the top, offering a comprehensive summary of the package and its delivery status.

Google has announced that its package tracking feature will cover the majority of major U.S. shipping carriers, providing key status updates such as "label created," "arriving tomorrow," or "delivered today."

Users can opt to activate a feature that sends updates on their packages. Gmail will automatically retrieve order status by scanning the inbox for tracking numbers. Subsequently, it will display the delivery status prominently at the top of the inbox, enhancing package monitoring for users.

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The package tracking feature will arrive in Gmail in the coming weeks, but Google is also working on a feature that will proactively look for delay labels and also bring that email to the top of your inbox. This way, you’re not left wondering what happened to a package that was supposed to show up weeks ago.

The benefits of Gmail's Package Tracker features for users

The benefits of Gmail's Package Tracker features for users include:


Users can effortlessly monitor their package status directly from their Gmail inbox or app, eliminating the need to navigate through multiple emails or external tracking websites.


The feature streamlines the tracking process by presenting the package status in the inbox's list view. This saves users the time and effort of searching for shipping confirmation emails and copying tracking numbers.

Instant updates

Users receive important status updates, such as "label created," "arriving tomorrow," or "delivered today," providing real-time information about their packages.

Automatic tracking

The option to enable automatic tracking allows Gmail to scan the inbox for tracking numbers and proactively display delivery status at the top of the inbox, ensuring users stay informed without manual input.

Enhanced visibility

The detailed summary card, accessible by clicking on the email, offers users a comprehensive overview of the package and its delivery status for a more informed tracking experience.

Overall, Gmail's Package Tracker features aim to simplify and enhance the package tracking process, offering users a more seamless and efficient way to stay updated on their shipments.

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