Marketing podcasts 2024: Your roadmap to winning strategies

Embark on a marketing journey in 2024 with these 10 must-listen podcasts, unraveling trends, and staying ahead in the ever-evolving landscape.

Marketing podcasts 2024: Your roadmap to winning strategies

Saturday December 30, 2023,

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Step into the fast-paced realm of marketing innovation as we unveil the compass to your success in 2024. In a landscape where evolution is not just an advantage but a necessity, our guide takes you on an immersive journey into the heartbeat of cutting-edge wisdom.

Brace yourself for the ultimate list of 10 must-listen marketing podcasts for 2024. Here, we transcend the ordinary, delving into the minds of industry pioneers, and unraveling the latest trends, strategies, and insights that promise to redefine the very fabric of marketing.

Ethics In Marketing

Delve into the ethics of marketing with Mikhail Myzgin on his podcast, Ethics in Marketing. Myzgin engages in conversations with guests on profound ethical questions, such as data ethics and the limits of persuasion. Unlike typical podcasts, this show encourages critical thinking and responsible considerations about the ethical challenges marketers face. Explore the deeper dimensions of marketing ethics with thought-provoking discussions on this unique podcast.

Everyone Hates Marketers 

Join Louis Grenier, a candid "moody French guy," in his podcast that shakes up traditional marketing. With straightforward advice, real stories, and a dose of humour, Grenier chats with experts about doing marketing differently. He cuts through industry nonsense, shares his challenges, and talks to both legends and rising stars. Grenier's genuine personality and strong opinions make this podcast a simple and engaging journey into a fresh take on marketing.

Online Marketing Made Easy

Transitioning from the corporate world to a New York Times best-selling author and running a multi-million dollar online business, Amy Porterfield is now sharing her wealth of knowledge in her podcast. Geared towards online business owners and entrepreneurs, the podcast offers proven strategies for business growth. With expert interviews, mini-action plans, and insider insights from Porterfield's successful launches and projects, it serves as a valuable resource for those looking to elevate their online ventures.

Marketing Over Coffee

Jump into the exciting realm of marketing with "MOC," a podcast hosted by John Wall and Chris Penn. They mix the latest in martech with traditional offline marketing in a lively and easy-to-understand way. In fun interviews, they talk to experts about branding, positioning, copywriting, and more. Known for their smarts and excitement, they're also great at answering listener questions. Plus, Chris Penn, an AI expert, brings extra know-how to the table, making discussions about artificial intelligence easy to follow.

Marketing School 

Get quick, actionable digital marketing insights with Marketing School by Neil Patel and Eric Siu. This daily podcast covers SEO, content, social media, and more, offering a convenient MBA-like experience in bite-sized episodes. Tune in for battle-tested tactics, witty banter, and practical advice – all without the tuition and ramen!

Social Pros Podcast

Explore real-world social media experiences with Social Pros, a longstanding marketing podcast hosted by Daniel Lemin and Hannah Tooker. Hear from practitioners at top brands like Google and Marvel, dissecting strategies and sharing insights. Whether you're a seasoned pro or new to the game, discover valuable advice for improving SEO, content marketing, social media, email marketing, and more.

The Copyblogger Podcast

Master the art of content marketing and persuasive copywriting with Tim Stoddart on this engaging weekly podcast. Featuring expert interviews in content marketing, copywriting, email marketing, and conversion optimisation, it also builds a supportive community where listeners share experiences and learn from each other.

The Marketing AI Show

Join Paul Roetzer and Mike Kaput, founders of the Marketing AI Institute and MAICON Conference, as they delve into the latest AI news and trends on their podcast. Exploring the implications of AI for marketing, business, and humanity, the hosts also conduct insightful interviews with AI experts and industry leaders. Gain valuable insights and tips on leveraging AI to transform businesses and careers directly from the experts in the field.

The CMO Podcast 

Legendary marketer Jim Stengel, former CMO of Procter & Gamble, interviews CMOs from diverse industries on his podcast. Exploring topics like purpose, marketing strategy, leadership, and innovation, Stengel delves into the thought processes and motivations of his guests. With a billion-dollar brand success story under his belt, Stengel's insights make this podcast a must-listen, even if it's just him talking about marketing.

This Old Marketing

Join content marketing veterans Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose on their weekly podcast, where they dissect the latest trends and share insights on using content to attract and retain customers. Infused with the wisdom of marketing strategies from yesteryear, the hosts spice things up with healthy (and sometimes spicy) rants and raves for an engaging and informative listen.

Empower your marketing journey with the insights from these top podcasts. Stay ahead, stay inspired, and embrace the limitless possibilities that the future holds.