Master your day: 8 must-have apps for ultimate productivity

Wish to make your life organised and productive? If so, here is a list of 8 apps that will drastically improve your quality of life.

Master your day: 8 must-have apps for ultimate productivity

Wednesday December 20, 2023,

6 min Read

In today’s digital world demands are high, and so are the expectations from individuals. Managing one's life in this hustle and bustle can get tricky at times. These advancements are a two-way sword, if used wisely can make your life super organised, but if you fail to do so, then it can distract you from your life’s objectives. Therefore, it is important to understand that this technological blessing comes with prerequisites and an inherent responsibility.

Hence, to improve the quality of our lives and enhance productivity, we need to utilise the power of technology judiciously. Fortunately enough, there are many apps designed to help us in doing so. These apps can help you streamline tasks, foster personal growth, and keep you organised at work. In today’s article, we'll be exploring eight must-have apps, each with unique features that will immensely improve your quality of life and supercharge your productivity.

Forest: Increase focus and beat procrastination

For those looking to enhance focus and productivity, Forest is a game-changing app. Forest allows users to set a timer and avoid distractions. While using the app, you are not allowed to close it or switch to another app. If you do so, your plant will wither.

The app keeps displaying motivating messages like “Don’t give up!”, “Go back to your work!” etc, whenever you turn the screen on. So, the only way to stop is by pressing a button that says “Give up,” which makes you reluctant to stop that easily and you try to give your 100%.

As the timer runs, a virtual tree grows, so over time, you can grow a digital forest and visualise your commitment to staying on task and cultivating a distraction-free environment.

Alarly: The ultimate alarm clock

Tired of snoozing your alarm every morning and never getting up on time? Well, now it’s time to say goodbye to that issue. Alarmy can force you to get out of bed, and it’s not even an exaggeration. This app is probably the meanest and most effective one you could ever try.

So, this app doesn’t just allow you to set alarms but also allows you to choose from different sounds, some of which are loud and annoying enough to give you a headache if you don’t turn it off quickly. But what’s the point if you get to turn it off that easily? Well, here is the twist, it also lets you pick from a range of tasks, such as shaking your phone, or solving math problems (with an option to choose the difficulty level), walk certain steps, and many more such activities to choose from.

Still doubt the effectiveness? Well, in that case, it has an option that prevents you from switching off your phone or uninstalling the app, when the alarm is ringing, leaving you with no option but to do the activity you chose.

Grammarly: Elevate your writing skills

Be it crafting professional emails, composing social media posts, or writing essays, Grammarly is the one-stop solution for all. This app goes beyond simple spell-check and offers features like grammar suggestions, style enhancements, and even tone adjustments. Hence, It not only saves a ton of time but reduces anxiety, and increases confidence.

Debt Manager and Tracker: Take control of your finances

Financial well-being is a crucial aspect of a fulfilling life. Debt Manager and Tracker simplifies the process of managing your finances by providing a comprehensive overview of your debts and payments. It also assists you with keeping track of your expenses or expected expenses before their due dates, and planning how to use your income realistically, and establishing some kind of opportunity cost.

Hence, these features like payment reminders and progress tracking, this app empowers you to take control of your financial journey, reduce debt, and make informed decisions about your money.

Google Calendar: Master your schedule

Google Calendar, this underrated app, may be lying on your smartphone for ages, as it is a pre-installed system app on many Android devices that can completely change the productivity game for you. It is a powerhouse for organising your life.

Its ability to schedule events, set reminders, and color-code activities, if integrated seamlessly with other Google services will ensure that you stay on top of appointments, deadlines, and commitments, both personal and professional.

Instant 3.0: Track your smartphone usage

In an era where screen time can easily get out of control, Instant 3.0 is a digital well-being app that allows you to monitor your smartphone usage, by providing insights into the time spent travelling, on your phone, sleeping, working out, and more. This understanding of your digital habits will help you make conscious decisions to cut down on unnecessary screen time and strike a healthier balance between the digital and real worlds.

Focuster: Optimise your task prioritisation

We all tried creating a to-do list at some point in our life. Did it work? Well, for some, yes it did. But the whole process of prioritisation has one flaw it doesn’t consider the time availability. Focuster focuses on that one flaw and builds its interface around that.

It is a task management app that prioritises your day by syncing your to-do list with how much free time you have. It is done by intelligently scheduling tasks based on your priorities and deadlines. This helps you to stay focused on what matters the most so that work can be done in the limited time you have.

Sunrise Meet: Simplify your virtual meetings

Are you tired of scheduling meetings after meetings and the amount of time and energy it takes just to schedule? Well, then Sunrise Meet is the solution, it is the fastest way to schedule a one-on-one meeting.

Moreover, it has simplified the process with features like one-click scheduling, automated follow-up emails, and easy integration with other productivity tools. It is a great tool that streamlines the entire meeting process. So, say goodbye to the hassle of scheduling and coordinating virtual meetings.


The use of the right apps can be transformative and has the potential to elevate your life and skyrocket your productivity. Whether you're aiming to stay focused, manage your finances, enhance your writing skills, or streamline your schedule, the above-mentioned apps are a solution to all. These apps offer a diverse range of features to meet your needs.

However, to experience the positive impact of these apps on your overall quality of life and productivity, you need to integrate them into your life. Remember, that getting used to the apps and gaining prominence over them to utilise them in the best possible way will require time and patience.