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PhysicsWallah’s school play; Coconut by-products for everyday use

A US court in Delaware state has prohibited further transfers or withdrawals against the $533 million in loan proceeds, which the bankrupt BYJU’S Alpha had transferred to hedge fund Camshaft Capital Fund in 2021.

PhysicsWallah’s school play; Coconut by-products for everyday use

Saturday March 16, 2024 , 5 min Read


The law is closing in on BYJU'S.

A US court in Delaware state has prohibited further transfers or withdrawals against the $533 million in loan proceeds, which the bankrupt BYJU’S Alpha had transferred to hedge fund Camshaft Capital Fund in 2021.

It also ordered the arrest of the hedge fund’s founder William Morton and fined him for not disclosing details about the money. 

Speaking of violating laws, the CCI has ordered a probe against Google for anti-competitive practices with respect to its Play Store pricing policy. It also said that the policy is impacting developers, payment processors, and users. 

Meanwhile, the government has approved a new electric vehicle policy to promote India as a manufacturing destination. The policy mandates that companies invest a minimum of Rs 4,150 crore in the country, set up local manufacturing within three years, and procure 25% of the components locally.

Also, the deadline for Paytm Payments Bank to cease its operations is now over. While FASTag users can still use the deposited amount, the company clarified that no further top-ups will be allowed. 

Paytm’s shares hit the upper 5% circuit on Friday after it received a third-party application provider licence for its UPI business.

ICYMI: SpaceX’s Starship had a stunning return to Earth. 

And lastly, here are some more Sora videos dropped by the OpenAI team. The reality has truly blurred.

In today’s newsletter, we will talk about 

  • PhysicsWallah’s school play
  • Coconut by-products for everyday use
  • Meet IPS officer Roopa D Moudgil

Here’s your trivia for today: Which ancient Greek physician is known as the "Father of Medicine"?


PhysicsWallah’s school play


In the 1980s and 90s, Microsoft realised that if it wanted to become a dominant player in the software industry, it must inculcate a lifelong preference for its products among users, and the best way to do it was to “catch ’em young”. 

Physics Wallah (PW), which began life in the test-prep segment and later expanded into the skilling space, is hoping to do something similar with its schools.

Business plans:

  • By establishing schools, PW is getting closer to its target customer—students—and can influence them at a much earlier stage. It also means a captive revenue source that is not affected by the vagaries of test-prep student rankings.
  • Imran Rashid, Chief Business Officer of PW, agrees that getting into the lifecycle of learners earlier can have a much larger impact, as school is where one “spends 20% of their lifetime” and it “shapes 80%” of what lies ahead.
  • The Noida-based edtech inaugurated its maiden PW Gurukulam School in Gurugram last month and is soon expected to launch another one in Varanasi.


Coconut by-products for everyday use

Global green coir

Chennai-based researcher Anees Ahmed was introduced to the concept of coco peat through his father, who worked in the coir fibre industry in Tamil Nadu. A biotechnology graduate, Ahmed became intrigued by this material and continued his research to understand its properties and applications.

He started Global Green Coir, which upcycles coco peat from coconut husk to make varied products like pots, bricks, blocks, and grow bags that are also exported.

Green initiative:

  • According to Dutch researchers, coco peat’s water-holding capacity, aeration, pH-neutral properties, disease resistance, and renewable nature make it suitable for horticulture and agricultural activities.
  • The pith is sold at Rs 15-18 per kg. Other products like pots range from Rs 5 to Rs 100 and baskets cost Rs 50 - Rs 200 depending on the size.
  • In India, the startup is selling its products in Punjab, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, and Uttarakhand. It uses about 200 to 250 tonnes of coir pith every month to make varied products.


Meet IPS officer Roopa D Moudgil

roopa d moudgil

Fearless, forthright, and feisty, IPS officer Roopa D Moudgil is no stranger to fame. Her 24-year career in the Indian Police Force (IPS) was full of challenges and catapulted her into the limelight. 

At SheSparks 2024, the IPS officer drew on her own experiences to highlight the challenges women face in the workforce and how hard work and fearlessness have paid off.


  • In her first stint as district police head of Dharwad District in 2004, Moudgil arrested and executed a non-bailable warrant against the then Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Uma Bharti.
  • The IPS officer said that even today, women are told how to behave in society. 
  • Moudgil spoke of the inherent biases in the workforce. She pointed out there is no quota for women in the police.

News & updates

  • Friend or foe: Honda and Nissan have put aside the “traditional approach” of fierce rivalry to join forces and work together on EV technology as Japan’s carmakers try to catch up with Chinese competitors. The Japanese manufacturers will work together on technology for EVs, including components and software.
  • Pay rise: Japan’s largest federation of trade unions, Rengo, said that workers at the country’s biggest firms are set for the sharpest wage spike in more than three decades, setting the stage for the Bank of Japan to exit the world’s last negative rates regime. Rengo said its seven million members are poised to receive a weighted average of 5.28% in salary increments in FY24.
  • Fingers crossed: Reddit has reportedly made changes to CEO Steve Huffman’s pay shortly before reviving plans to go public, removing incentives based on the company hitting a $25 billion valuation in a signal of reduced hopes for a blockbuster IPO. However, Huffman has retained restricted stock units. 

Which ancient Greek physician is known as the "Father of Medicine"?

Answer: Hippocrates. The Hippocratic Oath, a seminal document on the ethics of medical practice, is named after him.

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