My mother, my superhero

Not all superheroes wear capes. A mother’s love for her children is boundless. She is the epitome of sacrifice, courage, and unlimited compassion.

Najeeb Khan
12th May 2019
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A mother, in many ways is the most sacrificing person anyone can think of.

For most of us, she is our first hero and we realise this only over the years as we see more of life and are mature enough to understand what she really means to us.

For me, my mother is my hero.

She has played an important role in shaping me as a person through her thoughts and her teachings. My biggest learning from her is one that stands me in good stead even now – no matter how worse the situation, be positive.

Looking at her journey - as a woman and a mother has been a revelation – of the challenges, women, especially mothers face in society. And not to forget, her boundless love for her children.

My mother’s is one such story. When her father passed away, life changed overnight. She was just 10 years and till then used to all the comforts in life.

With the sole breadwinner of the family passing away, life became difficult. My grandma, with no siblings for support, had a tough time running the family (kids and parents) on my grandfather’s pension, which was the only source of income.

She was able to send my mother to school and college but with great difficulty. Nevertheless, she took up arts and excelled in it, completing her MA and Bed, and taking up teaching as a profession.

No matter the situation, she approached it with positivity and made the best of it.

And today, on Mother’s Day I am both happy and proud to share her story.  

Courage in the face of all storms

My mother was married to her cousin and started married life in a joint family whose intent was to trouble her from the beginning. She did all the household chores but her in-laws continued to trouble her. Even during her first pregnancy, she slogged relentlessly and no one asked after her well-being.

Brainwashed by his family, my father though a gentleman didn’t really support her.

Finally, she couldn’t take it anymore moved out of the house. When it came to her dignity as a woman, she drew the line.

Soon after, my father moved abroad for work and my mother took up a job in a government school in the outskirts of Bengaluru.


With my mother- my superhero.

My grandmother and other relatives tried their best to convince her not to leave, but her decision was firm, she wanted a stable future for her children.

I am sure it must not have been an easy move for her with two small children and no support system. When I think of what she must have endured, it still gives me the goosebumps.

The protective shield

Like the Avengers run towards oncoming challenges, so do mothers.  It is so amazing to know how fearless a mother can be when it comes to protecting their kids. I clearly remember how a family friend was sharing a meal with us when one of the lights burst and the room was engulfed in smoke. The family friend dropped his plate and ran out of the room leaving me and my siblings and cousins who had gathered for my birthday meal.

We called out to my mother in panic.  She calmed us, turned off the mains, and called up the owner to fix the issue.

Embodiment of sacrifice

When I think of my mother, one quality that immediately comes to mind is sacrifice. She doesn’t think twice when it comes to her kids. I have heard her say she would not let anyone degrade or point fingers at her kids and she would protect them at all costs.

At this point in my life, when I am getting married soon I want to convey to my mother how important she is to me and how much I love her. When I become a parent, I would like to be like her.

I wish my mother and all mothers out there a very Happy Mother’s Day. You make our world truly beautiful.

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