This woman entrepreneur’s app democratises coaching, therapy, counselling, and fitness

Femtech entrepreneur Rajpreet Kaur recently launched the SayCheese app to help women focus on their personal and professional growth. In this interview, she talks about her entrepreneurial journey and what her app has to offer.

This woman entrepreneur’s app democratises coaching, therapy, counselling, and fitness

Friday February 04, 2022,

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After founding the femtech platform SayCheese “to make a meaningful socio-economic impact on women in the community” in 2020, Rajpreet Kaur recently launched an audio-visual app to provide holistic and action-oriented interventions for women’s personal growth. 

The Say Cheese app offers features such as the first pan-India Live Speed Networking event, Hanie room, Sounding Board among others. A Hanie room or a happiness genie is a feature designed by Rajpreet which acts as a virtual "safe space" wherein a user can have a conversation with a happiness genie in a voice-guided unique way without the fear of being judged.". It leverages AI to improve user experience, connect them with mentors, and discover other members with similar priorities and preferences.

Rajpreet tells HerStory that Say Cheese will also introduce blockchain to provide “impeccable trust that comes with this cutting-edge technology”. 

“Say Cheese is a first-of-its-kind platform that democratises coaching, therapy, counselling, fitness etc from top-class experts. Over 4,500 women have participated in our Happiness Assessment (HER – Happiness Evaluation Report) and highly appreciated the engaging design of the assessment as well as the deep insights they received to help identify focus areas for them. 

“The learning modules provide interactive content wherein the solutions are engagement-driven and can be personalised for each user unlike the standard one-size-fits-all content available on other learning platforms,” she says. 

Before starting her femtech platform, Rajpreet worked in the corporate and banking sector for 16 years. At the same time, the entrepreneurial bug had also bitten her and she completed an entrepreneurship programme from Wharton. She is also a gold medallist from the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT, Ministry of Commerce). 

After gaining rich and diverse corporate experience, she decided to launch her own tech platform to change women’s lives for the better - that’s how SayCheese was started.

She shares, “My struggles with my life as a wife, mother, and a career woman led me to this decision. Balancing all these aspects took a toll on my mental health and impacted my physical health too. I realised that there were many women like me who needed support and guidance and that is when I decided to launch a platform specifically for women. 

“Where to start was also a big question and a challenge as I am a first-generation entrepreneur. I had to figure out everything on my own. The service support system for startups is disintegrated, and it is very difficult to identify good quality service providers at a reasonable price.”

SayCheese has developed a Happiness Model based on global research, and world-renowned theories of happiness along with real-life experiences of women the team interviewed. 

“We interviewed about 500+ women to identify the problems they face and the three broad themes that emerged are career, relationships and health,” Rajpreet says.

With the app, Rajpreet guarantees a completely ‘safe space’ for women to engage. “While we do store user data, we do not record any conversations that users have on the app, be it video, audio, or chats, and we have a commitment not to sell user data, which means women users can share their thoughts/ views freely without worrying about their data being leaked.” 

She claims that the speed networking event on the app allows users to interact with an expert or member of the community every three minutes. 

Rajpreet mentions some of the other features of the apps. “The user can book a room with me, a sounding board, community members, and even with experts. The app also offers users an opportunity to showcase their talent by creating a Public Room and Live YouTube stream,” she signs off.

Edited by Teja Lele