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How to shop for bargains at London sample sales

How to get the best bargains on designer clothes in London sample sales

How to shop for bargains at London sample sales

Sunday August 20, 2017,

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How to Save Money at London Sample Sales

If you are in the know, you can get some amazing bargains on top designer labels, like Armani, Valentino, Rik Owens and many more designers at sample sales in London, but you have to know when and where these flash sales are going to be. You will probably also need a few tips on how to get the best bargains on designer clothes in London sample sales. So, if you want to get top designer outfits at a fraction of their usual price, read these top tips on how to grab a bargain at London sample sales.

Find out where sample sales are being held

London sample sales are amongst the best in the world, but if you want to snap up a Fendi, Hermes or Ralph Lauren at an unbelievably low price, you are going to have to know when a where the sample sales are taking place. The best way to make sure that you don’t miss out is to sign up for an alert service that will give you advance warning of any sample sales that are taking place in London. Here’s an example of one the best services that will alert you in advance of any London sample sales.

Make a note of the exact address

Sample sales that are selling brands like Armani, Valentino, Balmain and Sonia Rykiel outfits don’t always appear in the places that you might expect, so make a note of the exact address before you set out on your designer label bargain hunting spree. Sometimes they are in big office buildings, so you might need the floor number and room number as well as the street address.

Get there early

Because the prices of designer clothes at London sample sales are so low you can expect big crowds, so get up early and take your place a near to the front of the queue as you can. Like any sale, the best bargains will be the first to be snapped up, so get there early so you don’t miss out.

Bring cash

Most designer sample sales are cash only events, so visit an ATM before you stand in line. If you find the deal of a lifetime and you haven’t got cash, it is unlikely that the staff at a sample sale will hold the item for you while out go out to get some cash.

Bring a friend

London sample sales are very hectic, so having a friend with you will be a big help. If you bring along a wingwoman, or a wingman if you can convince one to come, you’ll have someone to keep your place and to hold on to your shopping if you need take a visit to the ladies room.

Check the goods before you buy

If you see a button missing or even a tiny flaw in an item at a flash sale, don’t be afraid to point it out to a sales assistant and ask for a reduction in the price. The worst that could happen is that they say no, but you could get even more of a discount on your designer dress than you would have otherwise got.

If you don’t really love it, leave it

Although you can save a lot of money when you buy designer clothes at London sample sales, don’t get caught up in all the excitement and buy something that you never wear. Even if you do find a Versace, Armani, or a Dolce & Gabbana at a really good price, it will still have been a waste of money if you get home and you find that you don’t really like it.