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6 essential customer experience metrics for your mobile app marketing campaign

With the help of  mobile marketing metrics, watch out - what’s happening with your business app in reality which was out of your sight

6 essential customer experience metrics for your mobile app marketing campaign

Monday May 29, 2017,

5 min Read


Most of the business owners are going ahead and developing an innovative business app with the help of top mobile app development companies. But, do you know - developing an app and app downloads from the user is not enough for your business. Yes, rather the users should be using your app continuously as well as meet all their requirements in a way that the app becomes essential for them.

Yeah! Now there might be a number of questions striking in your mind. Right, like how can you make the user stick with your app? How will you know if your app marketing promotion is successful? Etc.

Don’t worry, here in this blog you will find six effective ways of mobile marketing metrics. With the help of these metrics, you can stay vigilant on the customer experience.

Check out the techniques of customer experience metrics for your mobile app marketing campaign as follows:

#1.App Analytics Tools:

To know how much your app is liked by the people and how many are using it, it's important to understand the analytics. This is the first and foremost thing you need to do so that you get a clear idea about your app. You might have been provided the analytics by app stores and developer for your reference. But at the extent, there are also a lot of third-party analytics tools which can provide better insights on the app usage.

With the help of some metrics, you can get in-depth analysis about your users like how much time are they spending using your app, others apps which are used simultaneously, user location, user demographic, etc. You can even use these third-party tools to work as a backup tool if your app store analytics are not moving ahead in the right direction.

You should make a point to check these key metrics when you evaluating app analytics:

1. How many have downloaded the app?

2. How many are active users?

3. What is the length of session, an app used?

4. Know the user experience and traction

5. What is the retention rate?

6. What is the average revenue per user?

#2.App Ratings and Review Analysis:

This is one of the best metrics; you can use to understand the customer. As here the users get a freedom to rate your apps and leave reviews. According to the ratings and reviews, you can easily know what kind of issues the users are facing. To fix the problem you can communicate with Indian app developers or developers from any other country. So, that you come out with a solution for the issues and build a healthy relationship between your app and users.

#3.In-App Feedback:

If you don't want the bad reviews and ratings to be visible in public then you can use feedback method. This is the most convenient way, where you need to communicate with the app users one-on-one. Here you will get a chance to study your customers what they feel about the app and in what terms you can improve the app to satisfy the users. This will also create positive vibes, as well as the long-term relationship between your app and users.

#4.Session Tracking:

Session tracking plays a role to keep a watch on customers using your app for a shorter or longer session. Here the session tracking will also help the developer to focus on why users are leaving your app in a short while. Mostly there can be a reason that is if customers are facing many issues in your apps like a bug, apps UI or functionality. Hence, this session tracker is a better option to get a deeper level of tracking.

Make sure you check these key metric to track user session:

1. What is the standard session length?

2. How many times does the shorter session occur?

3. What is the bounce rate of various pages?

4. What is the action taken per sessions?

#5.Customer Sentiment:

It is quite essential to evaluate and measure the sentiments of the customers towards your app. The users may not feel and experience about your app in the same way as you find it. So, the customer sentiment metric is the best option to know, how the user of app perceives it and how they react to it on an emotional level. Therefore, customer sentiment metric, allows you to respond to the emotional reactions of the users while using your app. There are tools which can help you track emotions of the people towards your app. The tools are Google alerts, social media or mention etc.

#6.User Demographics:

In this metric, you can track your app users according to the age, gender, nationality, location or race. The user demographic makes easier to see which target audience is most engaged with your app. With the help of this, you can make marketing more personal. You can also indicate opportunities to target the users based on the difference of engagement and experience.

All the above strategies of customer experience metrics for your mobile app marketing campaign will help in user retention. Here you are getting a chance to watch out, what’s happening with your business app in reality which was out of your sight. Now you can consider the above metrics and take it as a prospect to make it a key of success for your business to grow.