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Move plants safely with movers and packers

A successful moving process needs a lot of patience and preparation. When moving, taking your loving pet and plants to your new home is the biggest challenge. 

Move plants safely with movers and packers

Thursday July 20, 2017,

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There are so many sentiments attached with the pet and plants. Although moving your loving pet is easier than moving plants, still you need expert services to ensure the safety. When you are moving to or from the Delhi NCR or the nearby area, there are many reliable and top packers and movers available. You can connect with any of them to relocate your plants safely to your new house.

Move Plants Safely With Movers And Packers

Move Plants Safely With Movers And Packers

Relocate your plants with the best packers and movers in Delhi NCR

As we all know that plants are the most fragile items, so you need to take special care when moving with them. If you are hiring best Movers and Packers for this work, then keep the following points in your mind to ensure the utmost safety of your plants:

• Transfer all the plants into the plastic pots: We all know that the ceramic and terracotta pots are easily breakable. Hence, it is suggested to transfer all the plants from such pots to plastic pots. This thing will reduce the chances of damage. To make your plants used to of plastic pots, it is suggested to do this at least a week before the scheduled move. After transferring the plants into the plastic pots, wrap all the ceramic or terracotta pots separately because you will need them during the replanting process.

• Do not water your plants just before the move: When you are taking your plants with you to your new home, it is suggested not to water them at least 1-2 days prior to move process. It is because, if the pots are wet during the shifting process, chances of leakage may create a mess and harm your furniture and other delicate items. Water them after reaching into your new home only. Also, ensure whether your plants can easily withstand the entire journey. If not, then take them with you separately.

• Be careful of the heat: All your plants may ride into the heated containers. As the heat is difficult to avoid, your plants can suffer in that heat. It is very important to check out the durability of all your plants. For example- a deciduous plant can tolerate such heat better than the green plants. Evergreens are more sensitive than any other plants.

• Check out the states’ or country’s regulations: In many countries, there are rules and regulations for plant relocation. Therefore, it is always best to cross-check such rules and regulations before moving and crossing the borders. If you check out the details in the earlier stage, it might save a lot of your physical and mental efforts. So, read out such things in advance before moving.

These are the useful tips to remember when moving with the best, reliable, and top packers and movers with your plants. Next time whenever you move to a new place, hire movers and packers for the safest plant relocation services.