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What options do you have if you haven’t cleared IIT?

Saturday July 08, 2017,

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That they will pass one of the toughest exams of the country, IIT JEE and get into one of the IITs, is the dream of all engineering aspirants. But unfortunately, not all who aspire actually succeed in this endeavour. IIT JEE preparation is the vision goal for all students for which they prepare for two years (class XI and XII). These days, even students of class IX and X start preparing for IITs - such coveted are these highly prestigious institutes. Sadly, the IIT JEE paper is not easy to crack. Lakhs of students prepare and appear for this exam every year and the number of students only adds up every subsequent year but only a few get through.

There are various genuine reasons why IIT JEE is one of the hardest exams in India though. The major reason lies in the fact that the reputation of these institutes is based on the highly skilled professionals that they train so the entrance ought to be tough. Despite the fact that IIT JEE is, for the most part, a source to accomplish one's objectives, but for some, it is their greatest dream. For students who do not want to take a gap year and go over the entire IIT JEE preparation again, the options are myriad. Read on to explore.

Leap at the second-best colleges

The most obvious decision when a student hasn’t made the cut for an IIT JEE, is to go in for the second-best engineering universities or colleges in the country or abroad. There are a large group of universities and colleges that either have other selection tests or accept JEE scores. Many technology institutes and esteemed colleges are available at the students’ disposal under this section and are extremely skilled at grant sound technology education. Students can later back this preparation with an MBA from a good institute in India and enjoy comparable pay-scales as any IIT graduate gets.

Colleges like NITs, NSIT & DTU are the best alternatives

NSIT and DTU are the best universities in Delhi, which take admissions on the basis of JEE (Main) rank. Also, students shouldn’t forget NITs that are almost as good as IITs. In the event that a student has a rate of 95+ in sheets in his boards, he will get a decent branch in these universities if his score is over the cutoff. If a student belongs to a reserved category then he stands a great chance of getting good branches even at less score. If an OBC category student competitor needs to pick COE in DTU then he will get it at around 130–135 imprints. For SC/ST, one has to score around just 70–80(quite a simple undertaking).

Go for alternative promising courses

At times students aren't willing to seek after a B.Tech degree because it is not from an IIT. Now the idea of such a decision is entirely personal, there are some brilliant alternative courses available for them. These choices also hold the guarantee of extraordinary future, given the students work hard.

The most well-known choices among Science students nowadays are subjects like Economics, Statistics or Maths.

The course material in these ranges of study requires comparative ability as in Engineering. They additionally open ways to vocations as advantageous as Operational Research, Management, Marketing Research, and Banking. Information analysts are much sought after today by organizations and governments alike. There is a high requirement for experts who can investigate and understand the endless tons of information and make them usable. Taking up civil services examinations is another prospect for Science students, given their ability to grasp multi-subjects at once. Alongside capability in your picked subject of study, splitting these exams require an intensive learning of current affairs and the History and Geography of the country. Joining the civil service likewise brings the additional delight of getting an opportunity to serve the nation. With the correct mix of ambitious planning and trust in one's communication and verbal abilities, these exams offer a similar kind or maybe more prominent traditional distinction that an IIT-JEE gives.

Pursue a creative course alongside

We live in a time when employers seek individuals who are jack of all trades and master of one. If a student is compelled to study in a non-IIT campus, he/she might want to strengthen his/her resume by taking a vocational course alongside. If there is a subject that a student thinks is truly framed-up for him or her and could make a career out of that then it makes sense to pursue it along with the mainstream engineering course.

Creative skills are in high demand among the employers

For example, if a student discovers that his interest lies in a field like brand management, he shouldn’t be afraid to seek after courses in correspondence and management and substitute these by remaining side by side with the top universal patterns in this field. After getting an important education you can do brilliant work in such innovative fields by working.

It is surely not the apocalypse for students who did not make it to the IITs. If the IIT entryways are closed for some students, there are a few different windows of brilliant and energizing open doors that await them. The last thing to do is sulk over all the IIT JEE preparation that one did. It is time to investigate other roads with vitality, cheerful readiness, and right information. At the end of day, students always have a chance to pursue engineering from private universities like Amity University, Manipal Univ, etc. and work their way up the corporate ladder.

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