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Savvy start-up: 4 simple tricks to help you improve your image

Your new startup is in need of an image. Without an image that inspires consumer trust in your company, it will be difficult to convince others to want to buy into your products and services.

Savvy start-up: 4 simple tricks to help you improve your image

Wednesday March 14, 2018,

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With a winning image, you can leverage that image to drive sales and build enormous consumer confidence in your company’s brand. From a marketing standpoint, this is one essential key to a startup that is often neglected or overlooked. Yet, it is an aspect of doing business that should take centre stage. As a business, your reputation is all you have when you strike out on your own and attempt to convince consumers that you have something of value to offer them. The following are four simple tricks to skyrocketing your startup’s image to new heights.

Create a memorable logo

With certain companies, just glimpsing their product logo is all it takes to put a consumer into a good frame of mind. This is because a consumer identifies with a logo faster than they will identify with all the many aspects of your startup that they know little to nothing about at present. A deeper connection with your company comes with time, but an initial connection is obtained by designing a logo that people cannot resist falling in love with despite themselves. This is essential for your startup’s image if your goal is to take your startup to being a nationally recognized company in the not so distant future.

Give a little to get a lot

Business is a process of giving and take. If you give nothing to your expecting market, they lack a sampling of your excellence to form an opinion about your company’s image. This is why it is essential that a company gives some of its product to consumers as an investment in that company’s own image and future market viability. If consumers like what they get for free to try out, they will not hesitate to be back for more: armed with trust in your company’s image and an open wallet to meet the demand you have cleverly sparked. Remember, your image is earned, not acquired for no discernable reason.

Sponsor local celebrities

It is essential to develop a stellar image in your startup’s place of origin. One way to do this is to publicly support and sponsor a local celebrity. While you are helping to build that celebrity’s image, the celebrity is drawing attention to your company and its products in a positive way. This is a great way to improve your company’s image using a symbiotic relationship with your local community to get noticed. Also, if that celebrity uses your products or wears your logo in public then that creates social proof that your startup is trusted by someone important in the community.

Renting office furniture

When it comes to showing your startup to others, you do not want to look like you are a complete newbie. This will never help your startup’s image. By renting classy furniture for your office from a company like Evenson Best or someone similar, you will give the impression that your company is rooted in good taste and has real class. This will only help to inspire confidence in both consumers and potential investors you may be attempting to acquire funding from to expand your startup’s reach into the broader marketplace.


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