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10 very best Programming Languages that you wish to research In 2017

10 very best Programming Languages that you wish to research In 2017

Wednesday January 04, 2017,

5 min Read

Brief Bytes: The yr 2017 has arrived. So, this yr, are you able to study a new programming language and improve your skill set? in case your resolution is sure, you’re at the right location. GitHub’s latest information offers us a superior concept about one of the best in style programming languages that you just want to study in 2017. Our top suggestions are Java, JavaScript, Swift, and Python.


These days, professional programmers are in nice demand. during the last decade, coding jobs have change into mainstream, creating tens of millions of employment alternatives once a year.

In case you’re new to the programming world, there are a lot of ways to decide on your first programming language. that you could analyze the wishes — app development, net software, net design — and choose the programming language. when you’re in search of a useful and simple language to get began, Python assist you to out.

Those who already having the data of programming, are taking approach of polyglot. The Programmers are finding out programming languages and bettering their skill sets. with the aid of leveraging multiple languages, they are able to solve an issue statement easily.

For learning a brand new language, very ceaselessly it’s prompt that one should check out the latest tendencies. this provides a horny robust thought about future and how a lot a language can develop in usage and significance. This automatically tells us the employment alternatives.

Here, in this article, I’m going to make use of GitHub’s knowledge to tell you the preferred programming languages that one must examine in 2017. the information can be accompanied through the proportion growth witnessed by means of these languages in 2016.

10 best standard Programming Languages

1. JavaScript:

JavaScript, also known as the language of the online, is at the high because it’s mainly all over. this can be a high-level, dynamic, and interpreted programming language that’s supported by using all up to date internet browsers. It lets in the developers to build web functions and add interactive elements to the websites.

— growth of JS in 2016: 97%  

— growth of JS in 2016: 97%  

2. Java:

Java, a general purpose and object-oriented programming language, is used for growing server-side purposes, video games, and cellular purposes. because it’s the core component of any native Android software, Java retains taking part in a big recognition among the builders.

— Growth of Java in 2016: 63%

— Growth of Java in 2016: 63%

3. Python:

Python is a extensively standard and general function programming language. simply take into accounts the job and a Python framework is there for you. as a result of its simple syntax, it’s also really useful as the first programming language. undoubtedly, Python is likely one of the best standard programming languages that you can run in 2017.

— Growthof Python in 2016: 54%

— Growthof Python in 2016: 54%

4. Ruby:

Ruby, a normal objective and object oriented programming language, helps multiple programming paradigms and is used to create web apps. except for being easy to use, Ruby is known for its energy. Ruby on Rails (Rails is a framework) is in high demand at the present time.

— Growth of Ruby in 2016: sixty six%  

— Growth of Ruby in 2016: sixty six%  

5. PHP:

PHP is a server-facet scripting language that essentially curious about web construction. It types the bottom of two internet giants, WordPress and fb. if you want to turn out to be an online developer, PHP is crucial language that you just need to learn.

— growth of PHP in 2016: forty three%  

— growth of PHP in 2016: forty three%  

6. C++:

in response to C, C++ is a basic purpose programming language that has influenced many other up to date programming languages. lots of day-to-day functions, tool, drivers, firmware, etc., used by us are written in C++. It’s regarded as to be an intermediate degree language that has the traits of each excessive-stage and low-degree programming language.

–Growth of C++ in 2016: forty three%  

–Growth of C++ in 2016: forty three%  

7. C#:

Designed by way of Microsoft, C# (suggested C-sharp) is a normal-purpose, brand new, object-oriented programming language. This slightly more moderen language breathes life into a variety of Microsoft functions that are powered by .web Framework. The programming in C# is very a lot according to C and C++. So, if you have a basic idea of C and C++, studying C# received’t be a lot tough.

–growth of C# in 2016: 88%  

–growth of C# in 2016: 88%  

8. Go:

Go is an open supply programming language that’s aimed toward making simple, efficient, and dependable software. It was created by using three Google workers in 2007. in the recent occasions, it has emerged as one of the crucial in style programming languages, and it’s used by one of the vital Google’s won production systems. Many Go initiatives are also used for web servers, APIs, minimal net software frameworks, and so on.

–Growth of Go in 2016: 93% 

–Growth of Go in 2016: 93% 

9. Scala:

Scala, a general objective programming language, and has been designed to be concise & fulfill the shortcomings of Java. Sacala's source code is meant to be compiled to Java bytecode to permit the consequent code to run on a Java VM. also, as its title suggests (Scala is portmanteau of scalable and language), Scala is designed to develop with the demand.

–Growth of Scala in 2016: fifty four%

–Growth of Scala in 2016: fifty four%

10. Swift:

back in 2014, Apple made up our minds to create a new programming language for its iOS and OS X utility development. consequently, Swift was once born. on account that then, it has been in wonderful demand and the developers are learning this talent in giant numbers. It adopts the best of C and goal-C, permitting a developer to create an intuitive app.

–Growth of Swift in 2016: 262%  

–Growth of Swift in 2016: 262%  

So, which of those popular programming languages fits your want and ? Any new yr resolution to study a new programming language? Don’t put out of your mind to share your views and remarks.