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10 most helpful UX survey questions to power-up your product

Understanding users is your first step in creating a powerful, user-centric product. Knowing what your product offers for the end-users is not just enough. The whole idea of User Experience Designing is to understand user behaviour and then design a product that addresses their expected needs. User interviews are a great way to understand user behaviour. But what if you are running short of time and resources? That’s where User Surveys are going to help you.

10 most helpful UX survey questions to power-up your product

Wednesday May 09, 2018,

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Here, we have collected some of the most helpful User Survey questions that many top UX design companies put into use to today. Considering your product, you may

User Survey can be called as the poor man’s tool. They are are simple, but comes out as a powerful alternative, though. User Surveys help you take quantitative approach to qualitative data. They help you to reach wider range of people and recognize patterns more quickly.

Points to keep in mind before you start preparing your survey

a) Keep the survey short and to the point

b) Let all your questions focus on UX issues

c) Along with multiple choice questions, also ask open-ended questions like ‘how’, ‘why’ or ‘why not’. This will help you dig deeper and gain better insights.

d) Prepare questions for both existing users and new users

10 Most helpful User Experience Survey questions

1. How did you come across our product/website?

Why this question?

Its a best way to learn or evaluate how people came across your. Though Google analytics can shed some light, still this is an effective way to know how they came to know about you through direct traffic. Also, this question helps in streamlining your marketing efforts accordingly.

2. How easy is it to use our product/website?

Why this question?

A direct way to understand user’s comfort level with your product. Provide them with options like ‘very easy’, ‘easy’, ‘moderately easy’, ‘difficult’ and ‘very difficult’. Don’t forget to put a ‘why?’ for negative options, as this will help to troubleshoot and improve those areas.

3. Which feature in our product do you think is least important to you?

Why this question?

You may think there are no trivial features in your product, but the user will tell you correctly, well, most of the time. So, let them point out, and see if that features makes any real sense or not.

4. According to you, what is the most important feature that we should add?

Why this question?

A really useful question. Through this question, you have a chance of hearing it directly from the users. This question is targeted at returning visitors, through which you could provide them hope. You are also telling your users that you care for them, and are striving to improve the product’s scope and quality.

5. What do you like the most/least about our product?

Why this question?

This is to help you understand users’ emotions. It will tell the areas that really make them comfortable or happy, or areas that they are not so happy. This question helps in unearthing pain points and work on them for better outcomes. And don’t forget to ask them why if the answer if negative.

6. What was your first impression when you used our product/website for the first time?

Why this question?

Does your product have what it takes to impress in the first go? Here’s a way to find that out. A powerful question to understand the mood of the user. You could ask this question in the main page, and target it only at new users.

7. Which competitors had you considered before using our product?

An easy way to know about your competitors. This can help unearth competitive products that you’ve either overlooked or didn't knew existed.

8. Why did you choose our product over others?

An effective way to know where you’ve scored high. It could be the brand, the functionality, price or a specific area of your product. You will come to know which one. You could use this question in a post-purchase/download survey, and target it at existing customers.

9. How much would you recommend our product to your friends or colleagues?

You might have come across this question a zillion times while browsing. If users do not recommend your product to others, you better know why they won’t. Target this at regular users, and if they happen to answer negative, ask them why they would not recommend it to others. Their answers could pinpoint on issues or areas you can improve.

10. What would you rate us with a score out of 10?

Online shoppers do this. Reviewers do this. You can either ask them to pick an overall score or ask them to score on specific areas. It is better to ask a 10 point score than something lesser. And you can also use a follow-up question something like “Why you’ve given this score?” to get a better understanding.

Sample User Experience Survey questions

Sample 1

Sample 2


There are no hard and fast rules for creating survey question, but you must make sure that you don’t step out of context here - that is, to understand user behaviour in relation to UI/UX designing and what they really want in your product. You can either customize the questions accordingly your product or even add more questions to the survey. But, as mentioned earlier, it is advisable to keep it short and focused. We hope these questions have helped you to get gain a better understanding of the kind of questions you need to ask your users.

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