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7 things to plan for when developing a mobile app

7 things to plan for when developing a mobile app

Friday March 23, 2018,

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Do you have an app idea in your mind? But don’t know how to execute it? Don’t worry 25% of your app is ready. There are millions of app available in the play store, how to make your app stand out from others. You should take care of some points because it is important to make it right for the first time. 

 Mobile app development companies have the knowledge to make your app as desired and make sure they will deliver the same as you thought. The mobile app development starts with a simple idea then later moves on to designing, development and final launch. There are some points that you should keep in mind to plan for an application. We have ticked some points you should consider while developing a mobile app.

how to plan your mobile application

how to plan your mobile application

1. You have an app Idea:

To develop a mobile application you should have a creative and innovative app idea. You should have a written statement of the intended functionality of the desired Mobile Application. You have to figure out why people will use your app. How your mobile application will help them and what is the purpose of making this app. Your app should be as simple as possible.

2. Draw a sketch of your app:

Once you are done with the intent and the target audience of the application, it’s good to draw a raw structure of your app. Calculate each and every possible case of how your app will look like, what is the workflow, how many screens your app will have, for which platform you are making your application. These rough specification will help you when your application goes into design and development phase.

3. Choose the best suitable technology:

After deciding the mobile app idea and its features and functionality, the next stage is to find a suitable mobile app development platform for your application. Always try to find a technology which suits your users. Do not go with a platform you are not much aware of or that can be complex for your application. If you are not technically sound then find some mobile app development companies.

4. Decide your budget:

Your budget decides the future of your app. When you finalize the platform for your app that means you want to create your app whether in iOS, Android, Hybrid or Windows. Deciding the platform directly influence your budget. You can use some online available app cost calculator tools that helps you to find how much does it cost to make an app.

5. Some other parameters:

Before going into the app development phase you should figure out some other parameters related to your app. These extra features can cause your application more expensive, as the more features you add the more you have to pay.

Some other features you should keep in your mind are listed below:

• App Launch Cost

• Social Media Integration

• In-app Purchase

• App Customization

• Server Backup

Apart from these factors, there are some other costs that would increase your budget.

6. Testing of your app:

Your dream app is built and now ready to hit the market. Before you launch the app make sure you got the right application. Put a rigorous round of testing your app and find out any last minute bug. Perform user testing cases as many times as possible. Find out the performance of app under stress; check the app appearance on every platform.

7. Submission of your app:

After the development of your application, you have to submit your app in some stores. The cost of submission may vary for each store. The cost of submitting your app in Windows store is around $12 that is much cheaper than any other store. Submission in play store may cost around $25 that is one-time fee whereas in iTunes it is around $100.

It is good to be aware of all the submission policies. Read all the terms and conditions of the platform you are planning to submit your app.


Your app idea is now converted into a live application. Budget deciding factors are many some of them I mentioned above. But there are some other factors that can affect your app development cost. You can take help with online app cost calculator tools. These tools are advanced and appropriate and also help you to find the estimate of your mobile app development cost. Your business is incomplete without having a mobile application, as it is a digital era and the most used digital asset is Mobile Phone. 

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