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Startups are preferring to adopt cloud Telephony services in India

After the “Digital India” push, Indian market is taking a turn into a different era. Many new services have come into the industry to empower the businesses. Earlier, contact centre technology was restricted to only large enterprise companies, now ‘Cloud Telephony’ is reaching out to SMEs & startups. So the question is - Will cloud telephony help startups and SMEs to strengthen their business??

Startups are preferring to adopt cloud Telephony services in India

Monday April 03, 2017,

3 min Read

Cloud Telephony is typically replacement of your business phone systems like PBX, EPBAX with cloud services. Through Cloud Telephony, it becomes easy for the user to connect with the audience on a scalable and efficient platform. The cloud based telephony service has proved to be time saving, most productive and the best means for cost-cutting for startups, SMEs and enterprises.


The Evolution

Start ups and large scale enterprises in the market are now open to embracing new technologies that are proven to be effective in reducing the effort they put into everyday business needs and meeting customer requirements. This has opened up numerous gateways to cloud based telephony in India. It all began in 2008, when Google entered the Cloud based business and offered its hosting services to startups at affordable prices. This in turn, paved ways for many startups to adopt and render cloud based services at affordable prices to small medium enterprises (SMEs).

Why Cloud Telephony?

Cloud based telephony needs very little investment to use. This has drastically shifted the focus from infrastructure and space to man power who can handle customers. Through Cloud Telephony, it’s now possible to connect millions of customers to a scalable resource and offer easier solutions.

Through cloud based telephonic services, the hassles of agents manually handling calls have been drastically reduced. Through scrupulous automation, cloud based services could pitch in the ease of connecting the calls to agents and users. Options like IVR, Call conferencing and sticky agents, have advanced way faster than anticipated outlook providing a brand new experience for both enterprises and customers.

Startups like Solutions Infini have deployed the cloud telephony successfully and manage to connect over 3 million calls per day to their respective resources. This makes their annual call count to over 1 Billion calls. To continue with interesting stats, they connect up to 35 calls per second. It’s this scalability and precision that makes cloud telephony a whopping success.


The Value Additions

There are sample personalized features that make Cloud Telephony an easy-to-use, easy-to-track solution. Companies get to use multiple services according to their requirement at affordable prices. Have a look at some of the features that cloud telephony deploys:

• Cloud Telephony helps increase the functional efficiency of a dynamic marketplace by connecting multiple buyers and sales/service agents

• They act as a bridge between the buyer and the agent by safeguarding the privacy through number masking

• They make it easier for businesses to track the operational efficiency of agents

• They make it easier to know-in-all analytics through continuous tracking reports and actionable insights

• Cloud telephony makes advanced automation easier through APIs

• They help businesses understand the real world problems and helps foster innovation by offering real time solutions

• Cloud Telephony helps you scale at your own pace. It’s easier to increase your call volume as per your business needs with no additional infrastructure

• Secure data centers ensure that your data is safe and is in reliable hands

• No additional storage space is needed at your workplace to use cloud Telephony services

The Future

With a loaded package of numerous customizable features cloud telephony is now a niche market solution for SMEs. Going forward, more number of startups are likely to adopt cloud telephony solutions for a hassle free experience. Also, the space available on cloud platforms is capable enough of accommodating more startups, making the cloud platforms, more preferable.

The Global Arena

This replacement is going to not only affect the Indian market but also makes the global cloud telephony a lucrative marketplace. Many Tailor-made solutions are likely to creep in at competitive price points for Indian cloud telephony players to pitch-in their services.