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5 things every successful kids’ store practises


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Six has now become the new sixteen and todays’ kids are not mere children any more. The generation Z or the Zeds have emerged from the womb knowing how to operate a smartphone and that is why running a kids’ store is never the same tat it used to be. Today’s kids expect the best in-store experience. They are meticulous and you cannot hide anything from them. They won’t compromise and will choose nothing but the best. Are you ready for them? Here are some of the ways in which you will be able to attract the kids and their parents to your store.

#Promote on Social Media – Social media is what the Zeds use for discovering stores, brands as well as products. Once they have found things that they like they share them on their social profile. You can start with Facebook and WhatsApp. This is the place to start marketing for kids. You should therefore, keep a check of your online reputation on a daily basis and never let the negative comments go unresolved on social media.

#Make Your Website Interactive – Zeds are the technological pros and that is why your site needs to be interactive. Just a static online brochure is not sufficient anymore. You can add how-to-videos, lots of photos, testimonials, ideas and project sheets. You will also have to build up your mobile app. It has been revealed through research that consumers spend more apps on mobile during those years. 

#Make Shopping Easy and Simple for Everyone – Even if your store is a small one it is always advisable to add shopping carts. They help to keep the parents hands-free apart from keeping the kids happy and content. You offer a comfy chair where the dads can take rest amidst shopping and the moms can feed their little ones. You should also provide changing rooms in the men’s and women’s rest rooms. You can utilise the area adjacent to the register or checkout zone for displaying items of quick sales or speed breaks that will attract the attention of the shoppers. 

#Enhance the Appeal to the Children – As an entrepreneur you should make the sales floor fun and exciting for the kids even when they are shopping with their parents. Make sure your sales floors are colourful, and easy to navigate and fun focal points are visible to kids from the cart or the stroller. Make sure that you décor is appealing to both the kids and their parents and the music you play is relatable for the kids. 

#Keep the Kids Busy – Many retails are there where parents can drop their kids so that they can play while they shop. Make sure such areas are well supervised so that any untoward incident doesn’t occur. If you cannot arrange for supervisors hang a sign that reads “Supervise Your Kids All the Time”. Make sure that the kids’ play area is visible to the shoppers all the time. Nevertheless, talk to your insurance provider and attorney prior to adding a kid’s area in your retail shop. 

The above are some of the things that every successful retailer practises and these steps are staunchly recommended by the leaders of the industry like Super 99 that happens to be one of the most prominent retails and has been assessing the industry for years. 


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