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Now it is much easier to select the right candidate for the job

This is the age of competition, and one has to be more competitive to be in the leading row as far as the market is concerned. 

Now it is much easier to select the right candidate for the job

Saturday July 21, 2018,

5 min Read


This is the age of competition, and one has to be more competitive to be in the leading row as far as the market is concerned. One also needs to know a lot of things as far as the computer is concerned. In many jobs, the use of MS-Office is much required and hence one needs to have sound on the same. However in the package also the knowledge of Word and Excel is more important. 

The command on Excel can help one get a number of tasks easily. One can arrange, sort, filter, and replace the data as per his requirements in just a few clicks if he is well aware of the excel sheet. For any HR it is much important to know if the concerned candidate has sufficient knowledge of Excel or not as for many jobs use of Excel is frequent and hence one who has not sufficient grip on the same can be of no use.

Microsoft Excel test was launched 30 years ago, and still, the importance of this software is increasing massively in the market. Excel not only help in making the spreadsheet but it also helps in analysing data easily and efficiently. Millions of companies around the world using excel to maintain thousands of information. 

You can do diverse calculations and maintain lots of different worksheet in one place using Microsoft Excel. Its enduring admiration has made this software one of the most used software in the corporate world. There are lots of companies who use Microsoft Excel to maintain vital data and information about the company. 

There was lots of new software tried to replace Excel but failed miserably. Excel still maintaining the first spot in the market. Taking a Microsoft Excel skills knowledge test for the candidates will help employers to judge them carefully and precisely for the job profile.

About these tests

Online examination is the future of the entire examination system. With the help of the technology people now can give exam online without any pen and paper. There are numerous companies who are taking online testing before selecting any candidate for the job. 

The process of Pen and paper examinations are slowly wiping off from the society. Companies are leaving the old process and starting what we can call pre-employment tests. These tests are helping recruiter to select the right and perfect candidate for the job profile. 70% of the employers use different types of job skill testing to select employees for the company. Pre-employment tests are a neutral and standard path of collecting numerous data from the job applicants.

All the professionally developed and well managed pre-employment tests have one thing in common. That is they are totally reliable and straightforward online tests. These tests help employers to gain the insights and knowledge of the capability of a particular employee. It also helps to know the traits of a candidate. 

There are lots of pre-employment tests. Each test provides different ideas and shows the different sides of the employee. It delivers relevant information about the job applicant’s capability and skills to perform in the office. 

Nowadays, Pre-employment tests have become very popular among the recruiters. The number of employers including these tests on their interview process is increasing rapidly. They are picking and applying these tests to evaluate the candidates from a much better perspective.

The revolutionary invention of the Internet has made it much easier for candidates to apply for a particular post. There are many candidates who are applying online for the job profile. If as a recruiter you include the pre-employment tests for your recruitment process, you are getting an extra edge to select better employees for your job profile. 

There are many job candidates known as “resume spammers.” These candidates spread their resume across the internet to hundreds of companies with a little respect to the required qualifications. It is quite predictable for the recruiters that among the entire resume of the candidates, 50% of them are not qualified or do not meet for the basic job requirements. 

There are lots of recruiters who don’t have the time to go through every resume one by one to select the perfect candidate for the job. In this type of scenario, the online pre-employment test will save time drastically and also help the hiring manager by shortening the list of the candidates.

Learn more about the online test

One of the most important pre-employment examinations is a Microsoft Excel test. By applying Excel test in your job recruiting process, you can judge many vital points about the candidate. The online tests have been specifically designed to evaluate the potential skills of the job applicants. There are numerous Excel tests which test the ability to check various functions of Excel which includes using Excel with shortcuts. Candidates have to go through various parts of Excel in order to qualify. The test checks:

 Different formulas of Excel

 Pivot tables

 Charts

 Macros

 Different statistical operations

The online test will check the knowledge of the candidate in Microsoft Excel from every angle. There are numerous tests that offer different difficulty level for each candidate. A recruiter can change the difficulty level respectively for the candidates. Microsoft Excel is an integral part of a company. 

If you are about to hire some employees for a company that has to do Excel related work, make sure to include these pre-employment Microsoft Excel examinations. There are different sections for the exams and different period. Each section contains questions about Microsoft Excel which needs to be answered within the given time. 

There is the minimum score to qualify, and without achieving it, no candidate will be allowed to sit for the future process of the selection. By adding an Excel test to your job interviews process, you are also adding enormous value to your company. Recruiters increase the chances of selecting the right candidates for the organization by implementing these online tests.