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5 future applications of artificial intelligence (AI) we will see by 2021

5 future applications of artificial intelligence (AI) we will see by 2021

Friday January 19, 2018,

5 min Read


Brace yourselves - the world of artificial intelligence is coming. But not in the way you imagined it - with robots controlling us and taking advantage of the boom in technology. Instead, the best way to describe artificial intelligence (AI) and everything it holds is as an industry full of possibilities and opportunities that will make our lives easier.

'How much easier?' - you are asking yourself.

Well, artificial intelligence (AI) has massive potential. It can change lives, improve our healthcare, and even help us live a quality life. It can make us sync in with technology and learn how to make most of it.

Below, we are listing some of the first examples of artificial intelligence and some of the common ways this technology will change the world by the year 2021.

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) And Shopping

Physical shopping is about to get a lot easier by 2021, and Amazon's efforts towards integrating AI in our shopping experience have a lot to do with this. The physical shopping will be even less hassle than online - all thanks to the advanced AI technology packed in it. Every shopper will see detailed product suggestions, examples and everything to help their shopping experience. In other words, we won't be chasing the 'perfect' products anymore - instead, they will come to us.

AI is also changing the way we pay for things. We will start paying with our faces (something that is already pushed to the next level with the release of the iPhone X and the face ID unlocking feature), as the ultimate algorithm that supports millions of transactions per day.

Meet Toby - the perfect example of an AI-based shopping assistant with a focus on simplicity and design. Super easy to use, it comes with great features that make shopping easier.

2. Artificial Intelligence (AI) And Dating

Having trouble finding your soulmate?

Don't worry - AI has got you covered. Even though many people don't rely on technology when it comes to dating, artificial intelligence is here to get to know them better (than they know themselves). Tinder will be among the first to embrace AI and start suggesting date ideas based on location, mutual interests, and schedule. So, instead of making (an uninformed) first move, AI can actually be the perfect wingman.

Looking for the perfect AI dating app? Check out, one of the most emerging apps in this field.

3. AI And Discovering New Interests, Hobbies And Music

Artificial intelligence is probably the most interesting when used to find new hobbies, music or interests. Simply put, AI uses your active feedback on these aspects and can analyze them well enough to create suggestions for you. This is particularly beneficial when it comes to music - where AI can create its own human-inspired songs based on your taste of music and genre.

Google Magenta is a great example of an AI app that does that to create AI music curators and even AI music critics for the entire music industry out there. From analyzing to rating the songs, it can help you get to know your music right.

If you want your personal music assistant, check out Melody - the AI app designed to let you discover new music favorites.

4. AI And Transportation

Road trips will also get a lot more fun thanks to artificial intelligence. When we are mentioning AI and cars in the same sentence, it's hard not to mention Tesla and Elon Musk's efforts on self-driving road trips. The truth is, Tesla has gone a long way to make assisted driving a reality and prevent accidents while ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride. However, by 2021, we will certainly see the future of self-driving being scratched - and fully autonomous cars in action.

Transit is the name of an AI app that is designed to show all the upcoming arrival times of public transportation in your area.

5. AI And Healthcare

The use of artificial intelligence in healthcare is significant and can reduce misdiagnosis by up to 85%, according to a study by Harvard University. Also, it can give physicians the right level of accuracy when it comes to specialist fields - and base on previous data and disease history in order to investigate and diagnose even further. That being said, this is certainly one of the most beneficial discoveries and uses of this technology.

A great example for an artificial intelligence app in healthcare is The Google Deepmind Health Project, focused on mining medical records and providing more accurate results.

Key Takeaway

The bottom line is that AI is changing the world, and there are a lot of markets, industries and sectors that can be radically improved. From business to healthcare, education and personal interests, artificial intelligence has never felt more ubiquitous than now. In times when new AI systems are constantly pushed on the market, we should all ask ourselves one big question:

Will artificial intelligence truly affect our lives in the way we want to?

What do you think? Let us know in the comments!