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EML to PST converter: A simple & easy solution

Friday June 09, 2017,

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Nowadays, the world moves around emails and email application only for communication. Emails have become a part of our day to day life. As the number of email application are increasing, the choices of users are also increasing. Users keep on switching from one email client to another for better services and email communication. However, each email client supports different file format to save data. This is why migration between the emailing app is not at all an easy process. One such type of migration is Windows Live Mail to Outlook for which a user needs to perform EML to PST conversion.

Microsoft offers two amazing email client for the Windows OS i.e. Windows Live Mail and Outlook. But, both of them supports different file formats i.e. Windows Live Mail supports EML format and Microsoft Outlook supports PST format. Apart from all this, now EML file format is supported by other email application also like Apple Mail, Thunderbird etc. However, there are some situations in which users wants to convert EML to PST format. For example, MS Outlook provides more advance facilities. Corruption issue with EML file, software or hardware crash, human created error etc. All these reasons make users move towards PST file format. Thus in this blog, both manual and professional solution to export EML to PST format are discussed.

Approaches to Convert EML to Outlook PST Format

To export EML file to PST format, both manual and third-party solution available. In this segment of the post, we have discussed both the approaches in detail.

Approach #1: Convert EML to PST Format of MS Outlook Manually

1. To begin the process, open Outlook & Windows Live Mail simultaneously

2. Now, go to Windows Live Mail and click on File >> Export >> Email messages option. Then, you need to choose Microsoft Exchange and click on Next to continue

3. After that, a new Window Live Mail Export tab will appear. Here, choose the Microsoft Exchange option from the Select the format you want to export dialog box and click on Next to continue

4. Then, a message will appear “This will export messages from Windows Live Mail to Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Exchange”, click on the OK button to confirm the conversion

5. After that, choose either the Selected Folders or All Folders option from Select the mail folders which you want to export from Windows Live Mail window and click on OK to continue

6. As the process completed, an Export Complete window will open, click on the Finish

7. After completion of the export process, a message appear i.e. “Your messages were successfully exported”. In last you can check the exported emails items in the Outlook.

Point to Remember: The manual procedure is not at all a guaranteed, there may be loss data. Therefore, it suggested to backup data first before exporting it.

Approach #2: Alternative Solution to Export EML to Outlook PST

As the manual solution is not all a foolproof solution. There is always a risk of loss of data and sometimes becomes complex to perform. Thus, to overcome all such limitations, it suggested to go for a professional solution i.e. EML to PST converter. It is an amazing utility that exports all emails stored in EML format from any application to PST format without any hassle. The tool does not impose any file size limitation. Moreover, it does not require MS Outlook to perform the conversion, which makes this tool more attractive.

Final Word

As Outlook is popular email application and provides various services that attract users the most. Therefore, users want to move to Microsoft Outlook for which, users are searching for a solution to convert EML to PST format. To perform the conversion successfully, both manual and third-party tool are discussed. One can choose any of them based on their requirements.

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