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Upcoming B-Voc Course by P&P Infotech , TATA Institute and ISECT

Software development courses starting from 15 january to 30 students will get Employment with practical knowledge

Upcoming B-Voc Course by P&P Infotech , TATA Institute and ISECT

Wednesday January 11, 2017,

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For the Bright Future of 12th Passed Student Tata Institute, P&P Infotech and ISECT together starting a Professional Degree Course B-Voc (BACHELOR OF VOCATION) from January 15th, 2017. Which is good for the children education, and employment centers are also being provided. This professional degree course is accredited by the Ministry of Human Resource Development.

While giving this information the Director of P&P Infotech Mr. Puneet Pritam Wadwani, Course Coordination Mr. Sudeep and regional manager of ISECT Mr. Jitendra Pandey said that:


 “In the entire course the students will be given professional instruction by a team of professional teachers, so they can compose their bright future.”

This course will be of three years. He further explained the entire course of the examination, designed by Mumbai's Tata Institute. In this course This practical education once a week and technical education would be given five days.

This program is beneficial to students who pass the 12th grade, Who want to make a career as a software developer. This course is fully connected to the employment. Studying student will be connected directly to the professional business. Under this course According to their capacity the result will be seen after three months in them.

Tata Institute was founded in Year 1936. In Year 1966 it was named the country's first national university. Past year NAC team in the country was selected as the best university. By Such accomplished university, the course is meant to prepare children who are interested in the field of software development, for such Students the appropriate stage of education, experience and employment can be provided simultaneously. Currently, in this course the entry will be given to Only 30 students. Students will be selected according to their qualifications.

For entry Students can contact to Mr. Puneet Pritam Wadhwani Director at P&P Infotech, 163 Sachidanand nagar, Kesharbag road, in front of the old RTO, Indore.


Contact Detail:

Visit: http://www.pnpuniverse.com/

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Call Us ☎ : +91 7879740465 , (+1)646832227

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