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How to go about finding a good SEO consultant?

How to go about finding a good SEO consultant?

Tuesday May 23, 2017,

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Looking for a good website development company in Mumbai can be taxing and hiring one can be expensive especially if you are not so big a firm. But even if you are a small business you need to have a website to fight the competition which has an advanced technological backing to their marketing with the help of a website. And once you have created a website, it is necessary to maintain it as well as optimize it for a good SEO ranking. But since we know that it can be an expensive endeavor, the next best thing could be hiring the services of an SEO consultant. The importance of SEO in Mumbai, not only India but all over the world has achieved great heights. Hence, it is an easy choice between hiring an SEO firm or a freelance SEO consultant.

But really if it is an SEO consultant you want to hire to look after the optimization of your website, then there are a few tips which would help you look for a good SEO consultant:

1. Know your SEO:

Before even looking for an SEO consultant it is better to know what SEO is all about. Know what it takes to optimize your website and find out if there is anything you can do about it. This information is extremely knowledgeable when you hire an SEO consultant so that you know what you want him to and also be sure and know what he is doing. The chances of getting duped are reduced to a large extent since you would know immediately when the consultant is trying to play with your investment you have done by hiring him. You can start your research by visiting Google Webmaster Guidelines or the SEO starter guide.

2. Telephonic conversation:

These days emails are the prime mode of communication but when you are communicating with a person or getting in touch with a person for the first time, it is better to have a telephonic conversation with the person or better yet have a face to face confrontation. This helps build a rapport with the person you are going to keep working with for at least a few years and also emails are not a very convenient way to know what you want out of your SEO consultant. Also, a telephonic conversation is needed to keep track of the agenda which you have set about the optimization of the website are being met with.

3. Check for references:

It is obvious if the SEO consultant you have chosen is a freelancer, he bounds to have former clients. Ask for the names and contact details of these clients as they would be your references which would tell you if hiring the consultant is beneficial got your business as well as the website or not. If in case the consultant is hesitant to provide references take this as a negative sign and beware of appointing him.

The decision of hiring a consultant should not be a spur of the moment thing. It should be well researched and understood. It is after all the future of your business which is at stake.