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Screening Your Candidates Faster Using JobSmart

Screening Your Candidates Faster Using JobSmart

Wednesday September 14, 2016,

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JobSmart Employer's Dashboard

JobSmart Employer's Dashboard

Don’t push yourself to do “old style recruitment” because we have easier way to do that. JobSmart will help you to do recruitment faster and easier. As a Recruitment Management System (RMS), we’re not only gave you platform to post jobs and receive application but also to screen and find match candidate based on your needs. So, you don’t have to waste your time for screening a lot of CV’s.

Based on our experience in recruitment, we know how it feels when you need to screening a lot of paperwork. That feeling when you see a lot CV’s on your desk then you have to overtime and the bad part is no one can help you. But with JobSmart, you don’t have to waste your precious time and energy, just relax and let us do that for you.

JobSmart is Indonesian Startup who gave solutions for the most difficult problem for employer, recruiting. We use a variety of methodologies such as psychological tests to know the candidate’s character deeper and help you to understand them well.

JobSmart centralizes everything you need to find candidate you want. All you have to do is simply post a job on JobSmart and you’ll receive more than just a resume. We have helpful feature that you need to find the right candidate. We have Smart System to make you find the right candidate faster and of course in smarter way. We will give you personality result of candidate who matching with your criteria.

“We use #WorkSmart as a theme of our campaign to attract Indonesian people change their point of view of work , from work hard to work smart and of course to boost productivity and efficiency in smart way. Imagine if you could finish your whole week jobs in one day, of course it will make you and your boss are happy” says Peter Wijaya.

We don’t stop there, now we develop our system to build a pre-screen video interview to make you know what candidate look like before you them in real. We realize you can’t understand people just by look at their resume. You can’t see enthusiasm and spirit on a paper, that’s why we’ll give you a video.

For more information about JobSmart, please visit our website at www.jobsmart.co.id